Sunday, September 11, 2016

Paris Nightstand Makeover

All we needed was a nightstand for our guest room, but new tables seemed overpriced and not well built. Our local ReStore is pretty small, but I was able to score this nightstand for just $8 and knew right away that I could make her best assets shine with a makeover!

The process to give this nightstand a makeover would seem pretty straightforward, however, I wanted it to have a special flair.

Here's the Before:

 Notice on the front leg it had been chewed off, and there were some bits of veneer missing here and there, like on the corner of the tabletop.

First, I tackled the repairs to the leg and veneer by using Elmer's Carpenter's Color Change Wood Filler.  It goes on lavender colored, and dries white.  I was able to form the shape of the missing wood, fill gaps and then after it completely dried, I sanded it smooth.

Since there were some water spots and rings on the veneer, I decided to use my DIY chalk paint recipe, and painted the entire piece, using Glidden Grab-n-Go in White that I picked up at Walmart.  I used the same paint in Gray for the accent color, but didn't make it into chalk paint.

If you remember, I used this same recipe on several other projects, Dresser to Media TV Console, Pallet-to-Console Table, and on Little French Girl. I've always had really good results mixing my own chalk paint, but I have also tried Waverly chalk acrylic paint and loved it!

There's usually little to no prep work with chalk paint, but of course, you do want to start with a clean surface. On the top of the nightstand, I lightly sanded between coats to get a smooth finish.  For the white, I used an inexpensive cheap chip brush, and a small, high-density foam roller for the top.  When it came to the gray accent paint, I used some artists brushes.  Using fine sandpaper, I gave it a light distressing all over to make it look like it had been around a while. The pretty distressed knob came from Hobby Lobby with 50% off!

When it came to lining the drawer, I used some pretty Eiffel Tower Paris paper that I had been hoarding for a couple of years. I got it in a specialty shop in downtown Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, but when I visited there this summer, the shop had moved.

This pretty beauty now lives in our guest room.  For just about $20 total, we have a lovely nightstand for our guests that I'm not ashamed to say, "I DIY'd it!".

I'm so happy with how this nightstand turned out!  It's given me confidence to also tackle our two bedroom nightstands. (Just have to wait for the other projects in line to slow down!)

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