A Spring Refresh of my Blog!

Lately, I've been cooped up at home with a bad cold and taking care of my 7-year old granddaughter, who has also been sick, poor kid!  And of course, it seems like we've had the prettiest weather, and outside, I can see tiny touches of Spring starting to appear.

What to do?  Well, since I can't really do much else, I decided to give my blog a Springtime Refresh!  I like things that are clean and classic, but not old-fashioned or boring. So, I took some time to give the blog a complete overhaul, with a new theme and logo!

What do you think?  I kept the butterflies, because those are a small nod to my late mother, whom I miss very much. (She LOVED butterflies, and even had rings made for us girls from a set of diamond & gold butterly jewelry that she owned.) I decided to take the colors very muted, with moss-green foliage, and gray butterflies.

I'm still tweaking things a bit, so you might see even more subtle changes in the next few days or weeks.  There are some features from my old theme that I can't seem to locate for this theme but give me time and it all should be functioning normally. Or, at least it will become the "new normal", right?

Please take time to check out the new sidebar >>> 
I've worked very hard on getting it to look neat and organized, and easy to use. I'm currently double-checking to be sure all the links are in the right places, so they are easy for you to find.

I've added a link to my YouTube channel, as well as a brand-new link to ALL my free Printables library!  Yep, now you can just go to one place, click on the image, and you will be directed to my Google Drive Printables file.  All free!  I only ask that you only access them for your personal use, not for commercial use.  (Thank you!)
So, yeah, go over and click away to find your favorite posts, printables or to get connected with my YouTube channel!

Many thanks to all of you who regularly follow my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  I also love it when you connect with me, so leave a comment below, or leave me some love over on one of my social media accounts!

Blessings, Juju

Dollar Tree Flowers mixed with Michael's Greenery

Hey everyone! I'm so glad you are joining me today!  Life has settled down somewhat since our move from Texas to Colorado, and now I'm getting ready for Spring, are you?

The other day, I picked up some inexpensive flowers from Dollar Tree, and I also dropped by Michael's to take advantage of their 40% off sale + coupons from their flyer!   I have five containers that I will be freshening up for Spring, and I'm excited to share with you how I keep the costs budget-friendly for my arrangements.

First, I have these two "olive bucket-style" containers that I picked up at Target in November.  They are all the galvanized cute-ness that I love, with pale blue handles.  They are going to get 3 types of greenery, and a few flowers for Spring!

There is also this tall galvanized metal container that needed re-freshing. I picked it up at a yard sale a few years ago; it looks great next to the fireplace, because a neutral color pallette of flowers and greenery makes it easy to keep it displayed year-round, with minimal flower changes.

Lastly, I picked up these two containers from Dollar Tree for some smaller table arrangements.
By the way, I will list all the sources at the end of this post!

Here's something fun for you: I've also made a YouTube video to make things more visual, if you want to check that out, just click this link >> YouTube

Start out with a plan for the "look" you desire for each arrangement. Of course, this may change as you shop, depending on what items that you're able to find, and what fits into the budget. 
For the olive buckets, I wanted a year-round  greenery-look that I could customize for the change of seasons with flowers, or leave as-is.  Keep in mind the odd-number rule (**below) as you make your purchases.

First, start with a foam block from Dollar Tree in the bottom of each container.  Then you will want to put your taller (more expensive) greenery in at the back or center, depending on if it will be seen from all directions, or just from the front.  **You will want to work in odd-numbers: ones, threes, and fives, (six is okay) etc. to keep the arrangement evenly spaced, and pleasing to the eye.

For the Target olive buckets, I used greenery from Michael's and Amazon for the main focus of the arrangements.  Then, I filled in with just a few flowers that I chose from Dollar Tree, and moss from Walmart that I had on hand.  This helped to keep the cost of each arrangement within my budget, but still gave it a full, lush look!  (I thought about wrapping a wide burlap ribbon to the olive bucket, and adding a bow to hide the floral foam that's peeking through the slits. You could do this if seeing the foam bothers you, however, when I stepped back I didn't notice it.)

For the tall galvanized container, first I removed the current flowers and laid them out to choose which ones I would re-use, and combined them with new flowers from Michael's that would be complimentary. I was able to find a bush of pale, blush-colored hydrangeas on sale that would add just the right hint of color for my neutral-loving heart.

You can follow the same basic method as I used above....start with greenery as the backdrop/base, and then fill in with flowers. For the backdrop of the grass sprays, I gently fanned them out at the base before putting them into the foam, near the back and sides.

Next, I fanned out the Hydrangea bush very slightly, and inserted it into the center of the container.  You want your focal point to be your best flowers.  Next, I chose some flowers from the previous arrangement (all from Dollar Tree!) to fill in and compliment the new Hydrangeas.

The smaller buckets from Dollar tree are going to be table arrangements, so I wanted them to be a bit lower, and in proportion with the buckets' size.  Again, I started with floral foam in the bottom, but skipped the greenery, since the flowers had lots of leaves.
For both arrangements, I chose Dollar Tree's "Lilacs" in lavender and white, because I wanted to make a Springtime statement, and filled in with Hyacinth and Dahlia. I added moss from Dollar Tree (and mixed in a bit of the other moss) to cover the foam, and give them a finished look. The dark green makes it look fresh and spring-like, and the tan moss keeps it toned down just enough. For a touch of Easter, I added faux eggs from Michael's!

Check out this stoneware pitcher that I used all Dollar Tree flowers in. Feminine and fresh for Spring and Summer:

And this Ikea small bucket:

If you want some fresh looks in your home for Spring, and you want budget-friendly flowers, be sure to check out the Dollar Tree!  And if you need lush looking greenery, stop by Michael's during their Spring Sale for come awesome deals!

You can always find me on Instagram, Facebook and right here on the blog!

Sources: (Non-affiliate links)

From Michaels-
Dusty Miller by Ashland - two stems each
Cream & Pink Hydrangea Bush by Ashland - one bush with 6 stems on it
Eucalyptus Sage Bush by Ashland - one bush with 6 stems on it
Assorted Basic Decorative Eggs by Ashland

From Amazon:
Flocked Lamb's Ear

From The Dollar Tree:
Floral Garden Wire Cutters
Green Foam Blocks
Reindeer Moss
Onion Grass Sprays
Lilac & Tweedia- sorry, I couldn't find these on the website, but I found them in my local store.
"Flowers & Garden" Metal container with handles
Printed Oval Galvanized Planter (in English or French wording)
- OR  this Metal Bucket Vases with Rope Accents
Hyacinth Bushes in white
Dahlia Bushes in white

From Ikea:
SOCKER Plant Pot

Valentine's Day Free Printable for the Kitchen

Hey Friends!  Welcome back, and thanks for joining me today.

As Valentine's Day approaches, I decided to send a little love YOUR way with a FREE printable!  It's my way of saying thank you for your love and support over the years (even if this is the first time you've visited my blog!).

I just love this saying, and so I created this sweet little frameable print to add a little cheer for Valentine's Day to the kitchen area.

To use, simply click on the image below, and when the new window opens up, you can print it from there. Printing on cardstock paper is recommended for best results.

It will print an image that is sized to fit 8-1/2 X 11-inch paper, which is easily trimmed for an 8x10" frame or you can do what I did >> >>To hang this printable, I simply used the same technique that I used for the Laundry Room printable:

- Cut 2 paint stir sticks to 8-3/4 inches each
- Stain or paint the sticks your choice of color. I used Dark Walnut
- On the back, use hot glue to attach the sticks to the top & bottom of the printable

If you like quick, simple and easy DIY art like I do, then this printable is for you!  It's not much, but just my way of saying Happy Valentine's Day!
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Better Together DIY Sign + Free Printable

Hey Friends!  I'm really excited to share with you a new sign I made for our master bedroom!  Since moving, we didn't unpack a lot of our regular decor, and this DIY sign has been on my to-do list for a few months.  It was pretty simple to make and didn't require me to cut out vinyl.

See how I specifically chose the leaf graphic to match our bedding?  We bought this comforter set back in 2010, but it's still one of my favorites. 

Here's what you'll need to make one for yourself, or maybe for a wedding or anniversary gift!

- wood plaque (I got this one at Michael's)  or make a DIY wood plaque!
-my Free Printable, just click on the image above.
-Graphite paper (like this at Michael's)
-embossing stylus tool (like this or this
-black, two tipped Sharpie pen (like this on Amazon)

1. Print out my printable to the size you need for your wood plaque.
2. Place graphite paper on top of your plaque, and then put the printable on top of that. Center.
3. Trace the printable, using an embossing stylus (or even a ballpoint pen).
4. Remove the graphite paper to reveal the traced design. 
4. Use both tips of the Sharpie to go over the entire tracing. Using black paint is an option, but using the Sharpie is much easier.

**If you make your own plaque, make sure the seams are tight, and sand it smooth if necessary.
**To enlarge the image, I used www.BlockPosters.com 
**My plaque came painted white. You could paint a DIY plaque white and use a black Sharpie, or paint it black and use a white fine-tipped paint pen (like this).
**Make sure you don't shift your paper around. I usually tape it down.
**Avoid putting pressure on the graphite paper, because it will end up smeared on your plaque.
**Graphite paper can be expensive, so you can DIY your own by rubbing pencil lead heavily over the back of your image.

Didn't I tell you that it was easy?  It only took me about an hour to complete this project, and Ed hung it above our bed.  I love how it turned out, and that it cost me less than $10 total to have something pretty in our master bedroom.

Remember if you decide to do this project, let me see your creation on my Facebook page!