Bathroom Remodel #1

The story you are about to see is true, the names have been changed to protect the re-modelers. The toilet, sinks, tile, and bathtub were changed to protect anyone from having to look at them again!

After our youngest daughter got married (and by doing so, made Hubs and I part of the "empty-nesters" club), we knew it was time to remodel the front bathroom. Remodeling keeps you busy, so you don't miss your kids as much. At least that's what we kept telling ourselves.

(Let me take this moment to apologize to our two daughters that had to use this bathroom while they lived here with us. Sorry, Girls)

Ed removed all the moisture-damaged sheet rock that was behind the old tiles, and replaced it with tile backer board, where needed.  (We also found evidence of old termite damage that we repaired.) The new fiberglass tub/shower surround went directly onto the studs.

Before Ed could do his Hulk impression and SMASH on the cast iron tub to remove it, he first scored the old caulking to prevent wall damage.

What you can't see in the before photo: the tiles are caved in and broken, allowing water to penetrate behind them. Oh, and the toilet was actually replaced twice. It was yellow before- aren't you glad I didn't take a picture of that?

Photo on the left shows the old, non-operational wall heater, and the ugly wallpaper border and paint that I thought might look good with the rest of the yellow. Don't judge...
We gained a much-needed wall outlet, and I found a soothing blue paint that was much easier on the eyes!

We removed the old built-in sink cabinet and added easy to apply wainscoting to the lower walls.
We were delighted to find this pretty double-sink base and seamless counter top with built-in sinks on SALE (my favorite word). We re-used the faucets, since they matched and were in great shape.

(Disclaimer: this photo was taken when I couldn't figure out which TP holder I wanted to use.)
Here's the new white toilet that didn't rock! As for the flooring, we didn't have to replace it, instead blending it with a new tile border under the new sink vanity.

The old, chipped, wall-to-wall mirror went out, and two silver-framed mirrors from Kirtland's came in! The old lighting was actually a temporary "fix" until we found the right replacement, shown above.

This was a much more soothing bathroom to walk into. When we ended up selling the house a year later, our Realtor advertised the bathroom as a spa-like retreat, and "the homeowner's pride and joy."

This bathroom was the most challenging DIY project we had done up to that point, and thankfully we had the help and guidance of our friend, Chris who is a professional handyman.

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