Pallet-to-Console Table

A couple of months ago, Hubs brought home a "half-sized" pallet for me.  He knew I was itching to try my hand at making pallet furniture, and I realized immediately that it was the perfect size for a Console table, either for the front hallway, or behind one of the sofas.

The next Saturday, we were driving around going to yard/garage sales in our area, and one of them had already closed up, but they had left a pile of stuff at the curb.  "Babe! Grab that wood!" Yep, there was a nice pile of boards there. Whoop!

My Sweet Hubs helped me to remove the two long boards from the bottom of the pallet, and we screwed them onto the top side where there were large gaps.  While perusing Pinterest, I had seen several examples of pallet console tables, and picked out the best style of legs that could be made with the wood I had.

To determine the right height, I measured behind our sofas to see what would work for the height of a console table, and determined that 30-inches would be just right.
We measured and cut 8 of the boards {that we found on the curb} to 30 inches long. (The boards are 1 X 4's, if you were looking for them at a lumber store.)  Then, I started on the assembly!

Using construction screws that were #8 by 1-1/2-inches worked well for this project, and I tried to countersink them by driving them in deeper. However, a couple of them didn't sink in well and in hindsight, I should have used a countersink drill bit to make a pilot hole, and then screwed them in.  I did use the countersink bit later in the project!

The legs were put on, using wood glue and screws, at 90-degree angles. I just butted up one side of the board to the end of the other board (no miter joints). I also clamped them while the glue dried.  After the legs were on, and we turned it over, this is what it looked like:

The weather was turning very humid, then it started to rain, so I put the project aside for a few days.  In the meantime, I looked over my Pinterest inspiration board, and it dawned on my how much I liked the tables with a shelf on the bottom, to Home Depot we went for $16 worth of boards. (I also purchased a 1 X 6-inch board to give the top a more finished look.)

Measuring and cutting the new boards for the shelf support and shelf boards, I discovered it needed 2 extra boards that were {thankfully!} left over from the legs, for a total of 12 shelf boards.  The 1 X 6" boards were installed between the legs to make a "skirt" around the top, (this time using the countersink drill bit!), and I learned how to "toe-nail" the screws to secure the skirt to the legs.  I also was careful to countersink on the boards for the shelf. {Lesson learned...}

 After some sanding, filling the holes with stainable/ paintable wood filler, and more sanding, I took a deep breath and began staining the top and the shelf.  I used Minwax Jacobean, the same stain I had attempted to use on the antique desk with disappointing results.  This time, I applied it to the raw, sanded wood (no pre-stain!) and it worked perfectly!  I left it on for about 5 minutes before wiping it off, and I'm in LOVE with the way the grain of the wood still shows through! {This was actually done in the garage just as a severe thunderstorm struck up, so I had to hurry!}

For the legs and frame color, I turned to my trusty Chalk Paint (I actually had some white, and some cream that were left over from the TV console and French table projects, that I mixed together.  Waste not, want not!)  As I painted, I tried to achieve a white-washed effect, so that the grain of the wood could still be seen a little bit. Thankfully, it turned out just as I wanted it to look.

We brought it into the house as soon as it could be handled, because yet another storm was kicking up outside and I didn't want the dampness to ruin my hard work.  Hubs has been very complimentary to me about my first build, and has already secured another "half sized" pallet for me!  I'm thinking bench or coffee table?  Oh, and he found a little square pallet for me, too!  Just what I needed to make a side table for the guest room!  Whoo hoo, I'm having fun designing pallet projects!

Here's a peek at a gift I made from old pallet wood scraps for our grandson's 5th birthday {his room is getting a makeover}:

If you've done a pallet project, I'd love to hear from you!  Please email me at:

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