Dresser to TV Media Console - Part 2: The Reveal!

Welcome back! I'm so glad you are here!

Last week, I shared in Part 1 about how Hubs and I are giving an old, worn out craigslist dresser a new lease on life as a TV Media Console.

Today, I'm happy to say that it's finished and gracing our living room with pride!
From dreary to dreamy!
To look at it now, it's difficult to remember how it awful it was before!  It was obviously manufactured in 1976, the USA's Bicentennial year, as you can tell from the original drawer lining:
The new drawer lining adds class!
The top and sides of the dresser were worn and "bubbled".  Several of the drawers were broken, chipped and non-functioning.  In short, it was a hot mess.  However, the size was perfect for our space, and we really liked the curvy lower edge.  It showed potential, and it was cheap, inexpensive.

Here's a breakdown of the rest of the progress:
-- Installed new 1 x 4-inch wood planks on the top to cover the badly bubbled "fake wood"
-- Trimmed, sanded, and then stained the planks with Minwax Wood Finish in Provincial
-- Chalk painted the body of the cabinet in crisp white (I brushed it on using cheap brushes and also with a small dense foam roller):
 -- And my favorite part... added embossed wallpaper to the sides and drawer fronts!
-- The old brassy hardware needed an update, too. Now they sport an Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish (doesn't it pop beautifully against the embossed wallpaper!?)

I'm in love with the rich, dark top against the crisp white of the console; it gives a little rustic elegance to this piece.  And that wallpaper! <sigh> To me, it adds some "French Provincial" flair!

** Update:  One thing that you might notice that I forgot to do....cover the left & right sides of the interior! Ooops! I thought I had enough contact paper that I used for the shelves and back panels, but there wasn't quite enough. Thankfully, I found a roll to exactly match at Target.  {Lucky for me, because I purchased the original roll over 2 years ago!} I'm very excited to have this TV Media Console completely finished.  See the NEW photo below!

NOW it's FINISHED!  I  covered the left & right sides of the interior with matching contact paper.
I'll admit that I "cheated" on this part... instead of peeling the paper backing off, I just used some glue to put it into place.  Much easier than trying to wrestle with the sticky-backed paper! 

I love how this project turned out! Not bad for a 39 year old craigslist dresser, wouldn't you say?  Leave me a comment if you like this project, or if you think you might try this one on your own!
I know that there's a lot of these "dresser makeovers" out there on Pinterest right now, and being able to actually turn this Ugly Duckling into a Swan has been an enjoyable journey for me and the Hubs.  Plus, we bought a new Ryobi jigsaw.  Whoop!

Come back in a few days when I'll be sharing my Cedar Chest Makeover.  Some things about it might look familiar, but you'll see a HUGE transformation!


  1. How did you paint the chalk paint? Did you roll, brush, or spray it on? Thanks.

    1. Hi Dee!
      Thanks for your great question, sorry I had failed to make that clear before! I used those cheap chip brushes and also foam brushes to apply the chalk paint. I know that you can also use small foam roller brushes on the flat surfaces.
      Thanks so much for stopping by, and let me know if you have any other questions!