Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Farmhouse-Style Fall Decor 2016

This summer has been really hot and humid here in central Texas, and my allergies are already kicking up! Starting in mid-May, we had birds nesting on the front porch, right on top of the door frame, so we hardly used it so as not to disturb the babies.  Now that they are grown-and-flown, the mud nest has been knocked down; the porch needs a good cleaning, but, it's still too hot outside to do much! My sweet Ed comes in completely drenched after he's done mowing the lawns.  We are both really looking forward to cooler temps and Fall fun.

Today, I got out my box of Fall decor, and in keeping with my new neutral color schemes, I did things just a bit differently this year.  There are still some pops of those Autumnal hues, but in small, strategically placed spots.

Over the past month, we've also acquired two new-to-us furniture pieces, and I'll be showing you those in a future post...soon, I promise!  

Every year, our Fall decor changes just a little, because its in my nature to want things to look fresh and interesting.  For instance, the little log cabin birdhouse on the mantle: when I went to the garage for my Fall decor box, I discovered that the birdhouse on a Christmas decoration had come unglued due to the heat out there. I just grabbed it and figured it would fit in somewhere!  The books took on a hint of an industrial-look with the metal basket.

Natural elements are almost an essential for Fall decor.  I paired those rustic, reclaimed-wood frames along with the log cabin wood birdhouse, and the wood B from Harp Design Co. in Waco, Texas. (as in, Clint Harp, Joanna Gaines' go-to furniture building guy from HGTV's hit show, Fixer Upper!)

When I was arranging the decor, I didn't start with a blank slate, like I sometimes do. Instead, I left up the farmhouse and church sketches, my collection of vintage books went into the metal basket, and the former "rag" banner was exchanged for this burlap & canvas Autumn banner.

There are, of course, some things that are used every year, but I might display them in another area, or in a different way. I pulled all the flowers out of last year's arrangement, left some out, and rearranged the rest.  Even in a neutral decor, pops of color are welcome and necessary for interest.

On the other side of the hearth, I wanted to keep things balanced color-wise, so I added a small garland of leaves, and a stalk of wheat. I also brought out my faux dough bowl with the real deer antlers, an Aspen candle holder from Colorado, and then lightly sprinkled some colorful faux leaves into the mix.  See that suitcase?  I've got an upcoming post about that, too!

There's a little spot in our living room that I just love, because it has my favorite color of blue!  This little Ikea Hemnes Nightstand started out black, and you can see how I transformed it HERE.  Keeping with the Farmhouse Fall theme, I added some DIY cotton stems, a small blue pumpkin, and my favorite glass doorknob!  (Me and my big sis in the photo - wish we lived closer!)

You guys! If you'd like to learn how to make some of those cotton branches for yourself, stop on over to Prodigal Pieces and Larissa will show you, step-by-step!

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