Kitchen Cabinet Makeover - The Reveal!

At last, here is the reveal of the gorgeous "new" kitchen cabinets!

(Apologies for the terrible photo above. It was taken with my old cell phone.)

If you've been following along, you know that we started out with these cabinets:

There is was, in all it's 70's "groovy" glory.  The grooves that were in the doors were chippy, and obviously gave a dated appearance to the entire kitchen. Over the 3 years that we lived here, they started looking even worse than the photo above shows.

I discovered wonderful, inspiration photos AND tutorials from Aimee Lane over at "It's Overflowing". Please visit her blog and see the AMAZING transformation of her kitchen.

After talking it all out with The Hubs, and making a project list of supplies, we were able to transform our kitchen cabinets for roughly $200.00!  Is that awesome or what?  (We had previously received a quote of over $6500.00 to "resurface" the cabinets.)  I love saving $6300.00!
Paint color for upper cabinets: Behr Premium Plus Ultra "Coastal Beige" in satin finish
from The Home Depot
We LOVE with the classic, Shaker-style cabinet doors we created for just pennies per door! Getting that look, (after the nice guy at Home Depot cut the wood for us) took us a total of about 6 hours to measure (and measure and measure) for the size of each piece and trim it to fit, then use a brad nailer to put it up on the doors and drawers. Each of our doors was a different size, so that's why it took a while. If the doors were uniformly sized, it would have gone much more quickly.
Paint color for lower cabinets: Behr Premium Plus Ultra "Espresso Beans" in satin finish
from The Home Depot
This kitchen cabinet makeover has been quite a journey for us; we've gained skills, not to mention the incredible savings, by doing the work ourselves.  (We also gained a brad-nailer and a new sander in the process!)
Again, I need to say "thank-you-a-thousand-times-over" to Aimee Lane at "It's Overflowing" for the inspiration and advice along the way in this journey.

To see the entire process, please click here, and go to Kitchen Cabinet Makeover - Idaho.


  1. You are such a sweet friend...thanks for the props! They turned out FABULOUS! And oh my goodness, I'm squealing with excitement about the journey ahead for you...what a TOTAL BLAST!

    XO, Aimee

  2. Your cabinets look amazing!!! Great job!


    1. Thank you! We feel that it helped us sell our home very quickly....we had an accepted offer in just 3 weeks after putting it on the market!
      We were happy to enjoy the fruits of our labors for a few months, at least :-)

  3. your cabinets look great! and yes, they were just like mine! my daughter said they look like tickets and they certainly do!