Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Farmhouse-Style Ironing Board Holder

If you follow me regularly, you know that we move...a lot...annnd that I love me a good DIY using items I already have. So, this little project was made with stuff I had hanging around the house, and with an eye to another move sometime in a year or so.

A few moves years ago, I used to own a nifty plastic ironing board holder. However, being plastic, it eventually broke...probably in one of our moves.
Yesterday, I finished putting together an Ironing Board Holder that is made of wood with metal hooks; pretty sure this one will be around a while!

Inspiration came from several others I had seen on Pinterest:

  • one drawer or cabinet door front, or simply a 1-inch board that is approximately 18 to  24 inches long and about 6 to 8 inches wide
  • 2 large coat hooks, ample size to fit the feet of your ironing board
  • paint color of your choice
  • screws
  • drill with drill bit and screw bit
  • wood filler
  • sandpaper
  • clear wood spray finish
A good source for finding either a drawer or door front is Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I happened to have a drawer front left over from when I made my Dresser to TV Media Console.

Start by sanding and painting your board.  I used a 2-oz bottle of Waverly chalk acrylic paint in white, from Walmart. (I'd been wanting to try this brand for a while, so I purchased 4 bottles in different colors to have on hand.)

For my holder, I already had a little plaque with hooks (key holder) that we weren't using anymore. Since I had applied the burlap with spray adhesive, it peeled right off.  Hubs pulled out the middle hook for me, because it would be in the way, and then I painted the wood to match the drawer front.

Next, using wood glue and clamps, I centered the plaque onto the drawer front and let that dry completely.  You shouldn't rely on only the wood glue to hold them together, due to the weight of the ironing board.  Using a drill with a counter-sink bit, I drilled three pilot holes into the plaque, and into the drawer front, and used 5/8-inch screws to secure the two pieces. {I believe in making things that will last.}  I used wood filler to hide the screw holes, and after it had dried, sanded it smooth.

If you are using coat hooks, you can of course skip the step above, and attach them with screws onto your board or drawer front.  Just hold the board up to your closed ironing board to mark the position of the hooks.

At this point, I played around with how I wanted the oval to look:  did I want it to blend in with the drawer front, or stand out?  I even looked at how the burlap would look if I re-attached it.

In the end, I decided on a distressed look, which I obtained using sandpaper.  It gives it visual interest, instead of being just plain white painted wood.
Finishing up your ironing board holder is really up to you, so look for inspiration on Pinterest.  There were a few that used either a stencil or vinyl letters to read "Wash Dry Press Fold Repeat" or "Clean Press Steam Hang", others had a very simple, rustic look with no words.

In Coffeebreak font, I printed out the word Press < that's the link if you want to use mine. Here's the method I use for transferring the lettering.  You could use black craft paint and a small artist's paintbrush to paint the letters, or purchase black vinyl letters, or use a Cricut or Silhouette machine, to cut the letters out yourself.

Since I'm going for the Farmhouse look, I used some sandpaper to give it an aged, distressed style.
Finally, to seal and protect the piece, I used a spray-on Clear Wood Finish in Satin.

Since we are currently renters, we needed it to be removable and not leave huge holes in the wall, so I used "D" style rings for the hangers on the back, and picture hangers on the wall to hang it from.

Oh, hey! Since I was kinda on a roll with this project, I also made a hanger for my broom and mop! It only took me about 15 minutes, not including drying time.

Easy-peasy: a square 9" X 9" piece of wood, sanded & painted. Added two "D" hangers on the back; two single robe hooks for the handles to hang from on the front!  Of course, I added the words Sweep & Mop to coordinate with the Ironing Board Holder, and used the same distressing-technique.

Both of these now hang in our laundry room, and look so cute together!  Having these in the home could make being organized a lot more fun! What do you think?  Let me know in the comments below, find me on Facebook, & chat with me on Instagram

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