Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dresser to TV Media Console - Part 1

Hi and Welcome!

If you've followed our journey for the past couple of years, you will know that when Hubs got a job in Hawaii, we sold and gave away a LOT of household items.  Once we moved back to the mainland a year later, we began replacing most of those big furniture pieces. New to us are: 2 used loveseats, 2 used living room tables, a used Pottery Barn pine dining table, with 4 used cane-backed chairs and 2 new burlap-covered chairs from Target.

One thing we don't have is a decent "entertainment center".
In Idaho, this is what we were using:
Flat Screen TV sitting on Better Homes and Garden Bench
which is sitting on the awkward fireplace hearth 
and of course, that's what we've been using here in Texas, However, the bench now sat on the floor, which was too low for comfortable TV viewing.  We needed a better solution!

Enter this "beauty" I found on craigslist:
Actual craigslist photo...would YOU have bought this?
We lugged it inside the living room, and the TV has been sitting on it, as is, because it was too cold to paint or stain.  But, I had plenty of time to dream and plan!

Steps we've taken so far:
-- Removed all the drawers, and the inside drawer glides
-- Removed the back panel
-- Removed the panels that were inside, below the drawers (I'll call them "shelves")
-- Removed years of dust and dirt!
-- Hauled it out to the garage to further the makeover!
We took out those warped panels (shelves), but I'm re-using them...
just flip them over and they will flatten out!
And now I'll give you a sneak peek at what I've been up to this week:

Bye-bye Bicentennial drawer lining!
(I'm a pretty patriotic person, but this had to go!)
Hello fresh & chic, black & white floral! 
I took a new roll of contact paper and re-lined 2 of the drawers, and also covered the "shelves" and the inside of the back panel.  I'm only re-using the 2 bottom drawers, and will be purchasing baskets for the other openings, since 1 of the drawer glides was deteriorated and 2 of the drawers were broken.
(I still have plans for the remaining 3 or 4 drawers, so that will be another blog post!)

Tonight, the Hubs and I will be in the garage working on the next step, and it involves power tools! Yay!
(If you've read my recent Facebook post, you'll know that I'm actually working on THREE projects simultaneously! It makes it easier for sanding, staining and painting. And the car gets back into the garage sooner.  I'll be posting about the other 2 projects in a week or so!)

Thanks for stopping by, and please come back for part 2 of this Dresser to TV Media Stand Makeover!

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