Sunday, September 4, 2016

Farmer's Market Box

Around Christmas time, I purchased some tangerines that came in a cute little wood and cardboard box, and kept it, knowing it might be useful.  I wasn't a fan of the bright red and blue decorations, so I tried painting over them, but even after several coats of paint, the colors still showed through.

To the rescue: paint stir sticks!

Because I paint furniture on a fairly regular basis, I've collected about two dozen free stir sticks with my paint purchases.  I decided to put them to use, covering the box, and giving it a little farmhouse-style vibe.

(As I am writing this post, I've discovered that all my "before" photos were lost
when my old hard drive crashed!  So, I borrowed this photo from 
Kerry at Momster).

**Please measure your box first to check for the correct length of the sticks before you cut them.
First, I measured each side and cut the paint stir sticks with my Ryobi Scroll Saw to length, as follows: 
  • cut 10 sticks to 11-3/4-inches each, (4 from curved end, 6 from straight end)
  • cut 8 sticks to 8-1/8-inches each, (use the straight end, these won't have a curve)

Hot glue one long stick to the top edge of the long panels, one on each long side panel. You are doing this to make up for the difference in the long and short side heights. (see photo above)

Starting at the bottom, hot glue each long stick in place, 4 on each side. I alternated the direction of the sticks since one end of each stick has a curve. (**Look at the photo below for reference.) Make sure you line up the first stick straight and level along the bottom. If you have the box sitting on the table, this should be easy.

Next, starting at the bottom, hot glue on the short sticks to the short sides, 4 on each side. Make sure you line up the ends of the sticks with the ends of the long sticks, to keep things even.

Now, lightly sand down any rough edges, and then paint. I chose a pale gray-blue color. White or country-white would also look very nice.

See (above) what I meant by alternating the sticks on the long sides? Straight end on left, next row: straight end on right, and so on.

Allow the paint to dry completely, about a day is best.

Print out this Farmer's Market graphic < click on the words

Here it is reversed if you are using a different transfer method.

Using graphite paper and a embossing stylus or ballpoint pen, outline the words onto the box.
Now, using a permanent marker, fill in:

After the ink is dry, lightly sand to give the words and the finish of the box an aged, distressed look, as if it's been around for a while!

Once you have it looking good, you have many choices....use it to store fruit, like tangerines! Or use it in your decor, as I have:

You guys! I'd LOVE to see how you used paint stir sticks in your DIY and crafts, so please drop me an email and show off your creations!

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