Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mug Holder, Coffee Bar & Lunch Sign

Hi, I'm so glad you've come to visit!  Sit back, relax and have a cup of coffee (or maybe a glass of sweet iced tea) and I'll show you how I made an easy mug holder and Lunch sign to hang over our coffee bar:

When browsing through Instagram, I came across Christina's ( justalittlesparkle_ ) feed showing us her pretty coffee station, and I was inspired to do a makeover to our coffee area!  

My simple mug holder was put together quickly using a 37" X 3-1/2" pallet wood board from my stash in the garage, along with a couple of packages of black robe hooks, and fourteen 3/4-inch screws from our local Home Depot.

  • Measure the area you want to hang your mug holder.  
  • If you purchase lumber, I'd buy a 1" X 4" common pine board, in a 4-foot length. (If you need it cut down, the friendly folks at Home Depot will usually do that for you in a jiffy. Just nicely ask someone in the Lumber Department.)
  • Sand your board smooth.  Paint, stain or distress your wood the way you want it to look. I used all three techniques to get the patina I wanted.

  • Measure out the spacing for your robe hooks (which will now become mug hooks). Mine are spaced about 5-inches apart, and I decided to offset them for visual interest and so the mugs would hang correctly.
  • Attach the hooks to the board with screws.  If your screws are a different color than the hooks, you can dip a pencil eraser into some black craft paint, and dot the paint on over the screw heads. Let dry.

  • Find and mark the studs in your wall where you will be mounting the mug holder. 
  • Using 2-inch screws, and a level, screw directly from the front of the board into the studs. A screw near each end and one near the middle of the board should do it. **Hint: studs are normally spaced 16-inches on center, so every 16 inches there should be another stud.
Under the mug rack, I placed a microwave cart that I hadn't been using, and arranged my Keurig, coffee canisters, and tea supplies along with a small cake stand from Target's One Spot (now called Bullseye's Playground).  On that, I placed our Polish Pottery sugar bowl, and a canister with sweetener packets in it.  My blue Ball jar lamp found it's new home on the cart as well!  The cart has a drawer and shelves for storage, so it made a perfect place for storing tea bags, extra coffee, and hot chocolate packets.

Lastly, I started hunting World Market for their Lunch sign, which looks very similar to their Pie sign that Christina used. They have stopped selling the lunch sign....sad.  Of course, I just decided to do a DIY version, and make it my own:
  • Looking through my closets, I found a nice sized frame (with 8" X 10" glass in it) that had an interesting distressed look.  I toned down some of the black, by dry-brushing on gray and white craft paint.  Since I wanted the wall to show through, I had to nail some small finishing nails into the back of the frame to hold the glass in without a backing.
  • Next, I opened a Word document to figure out the placement and wording that I wanted to use, and printed it out. This helped so much when I applied the cut-out vinyl letters!
  • Using my Cricut with the Chip Decor cartridge font, I cut out the letters; I placed the print-out of the wording under the glass, and carefully placed the letters onto the front of the glass. That was a sanity-saver, for sure.
  • Finally, I attached 2 small eye-screws to the top edges of the frame, and wire to hang it. 
The Lunch sign looks great over the coffee mug rack, and helped to complete the entire vignette.  At some future time, I'd like to add a shelf to the top of the mug rack, but for now I'm in love with it!

Now that you have seen what I was able to create with a little inspiration, I hope that you are inspired to make your own special mug holder, coffee station and sign, too!

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