Friday, July 29, 2016

Kitchen Makeover | Inspiring Others

Sometimes it's just the small things.... Being a blogger, I normally don't get a lot of feedback from folks that may have been inspired by my posts, but recently Mike and Jan M. of Andover, Minnesota sent me an email that put a huge smile on my face!

Here is an edited excerpt from the email:

"About a year ago we were looking for ideas for our tiny, 1977 kitchen. Dark, heavily-grained wood cabinets with a "tic-tac-toe" pattern routed in them, with avocado green countertops and backsplash. And that gross old cabinet hardware that looks like it should be in a dingy castle. We were stuck and couldn’t start, until we had a plan.  Our floor tiles were cheap, and chipped if you dropped a fork.  We had dropped a lot of forks! We had a mess. We didn’t want to do anything until we knew what to do about the cabinets, but we couldn’t afford new ones, couldn’t afford to have them resurfaced, couldn’t afford to paint the bases and put on new doors.  

THEN I saw Juju’s blog, with the link to Aimee’s and oh my!  The wheels started turning!  We started in April and finished in November.

We wanted to thank you both– we love our kitchen and still don’t feel like it is our kitchen – we had lived with the old one for 23 years, just stuck and not able to figure out a solution.   

Thanks again for sharing your creativity!  We always say people like us with no original thoughts would be lost without creative people like you! ha ha ha! It's true! 
Here are some pictures –  Mike & Jan M. Andover, Minnesota"

photo credit: Mike & Jan M.
photo credit: Mike & Jan M.
photo credit: Mike & Jan M.
photo credit: Mike & Jan M.
If you need to update your old cabinets, this is proof that YOU CAN DIY IT!
Special thanks to Aimee Lane at It's Overflowing for the original blog posts and tutorial that I followed. Please be sure and visit her blog and show her some love.

Thank you, Mike and Jan for sharing your sweet words and the wonderful photos of your "new" kitchen!

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