Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tips from a Dishwasher Repairman

After a few weeks in our rental home here in Texas, Hubs and I discovered that the dishwasher didn't seem to be getting our dishes completely clean.  We pre-rinsed, and tried different settings, but there was not any improvement, and we noticed that it was not secured to the counter top as it should be. We called it in to the repair line.

The really nice guy and his son that arrived at the house, told us that the dishwasher was relatively new, and after checking it out and securing it properly to the counter top, gave us several hints to get cleaner dishes in this area of Texas, AKA "the hard water capital of the USA".

1. Scrape and rinse dishes; soak heavily soiled items in the sink before loading into dishwasher.
2. Settings should be for the hottest water possible: Normal Wash, High Temp, Sani-Rinse, and Heated Dry.  (He assured me that these settings wouldn't raise our electric bill significantly.)
3. Instead of putting the dishwasher soap packet into the door dispenser, drop it into the bottom of the dishwasher, so that it breaks down more quickly to get more soap onto the dishes.
4. Use a rinse aid! (I'm trying out "Finish" rinse aid.)
5. Make sure the wash arms can move freely after you've loaded the racks. (Just give them a gentle little spin with your hand.)

In order to really test if these tips would make a difference,  I hand washed the bowls and glasses that were particularly stained or looked dirty, so that we'd be starting with a "clean slate", so to speak.
We have white Corelle dishes, in case you were wondering.

After about 2 weeks, we can really see the difference in our dishes!

Do you have hard water issues where you live?   What problems have you encountered and what have you discovered makes a difference?

Leave me a comment below, and I'll share YOUR tips with all my readers!

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