Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Island Paradise Reality

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{A period of reflection or thought.}

When people hear that Hubs and I live in Hawaii, I get a lot of comments like:

"I'm SO jealous!"
"What I wouldn't give to live there!"
"Do you go to the beach every day?"
"You get to LIVE where other people go for vacations!"

First of all, I used to have a lot of those thoughts, too.
Back in 2009, we took our first vacation to Hawaii, {we had wanted to vacation here ever since we got married} and at that time, 2 of our grown kids lived in this state. Our son and his wife lived on Maui, and our youngest daughter and her soldier husband lived here on Oahu.  Our 3 weeks in Hawaii was everything that we wanted for a vacation, and more! Our son and his wife took us all snorkeling with turtles on Maui, and we spent quality time together.

The very next year, we lived with our youngest daughter for 5 months, while her husband was deployed to Iraq, and while our empty house in Texas was up for sale.  We did many of the "touristy" things on Oahu, and spent time at the beach getting nice deep tans. We of course also visited Maui when our son & his wife had our first grandchild!  It was a wonderful time!

Fast forward to 2013 and, SURPRISE! Hubs got a job here on Oahu.  Of course, since we had an extended vacation here in 2010, we knew some things to expect.


{the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic idea of them.}

- High cost of living.  We pay $800.00  MORE per month to rent an apartment that is less than half the size of our house in Idaho.
- Traffic!  We live on an island that has about 976, 000 "locals" {permanent residents} on a 596 square-mile island.  Add in another four and a half MILLION tourists per year and you can see why traffic is so horrible!
- High cost of food and goods.  Everything has to be flown in or brought by ship, which adds to the cost of everything.
- We are far away from our family. We have to fly to see them, rent cars, etc.
- You can't live at the beach. {Unless you are a professional surfer or something} You still have to work.
The Parking Lot they call the H-1

Here are the Positives:

{the opposite of negative}

- It's an adventure! For mainlanders, like us, to move here takes a lot of courage and a willingness to give up a lot, but we have many days that we just say, "Wow, we get to live here!"
- We are together. With Hubs and I being empty-nesters, we are re-discovering our "BFF" relationship in a new way.
- Military benefits! With Oahu having MANY military bases, and the huge Tripler Army Medical Center, we are able to see military doctors {free without co-pays}, obtain free medications, and shop tax-free and with lower costs for food and goods.
- Skype and our cell phones keep us connected with our family.  Not a day goes by that I don't hear from one or all of our kids and grandkids.  I've taken on a new appreciation for technology!

Oh, and we get to the beach about once a week {now you can be jealous}.

 Blessings,  Juju

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  1. I'm happy for you, Juju! I'm glad y'all are happy and enjoying life together!
    Be Blessed!