Saturday, April 26, 2014

Turtle Beach - North Shore, Oahu

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Laniakea Beach is well known for surfing, but also it's known as "Turtle Beach" because of the green sea turtles that come close to shore to feed on the seaweed growing on the rocks. They are also known to haul themselves up on the beach to bask in the warm Hawaiian sun!

Hubs and I took time to photograph some of the turtles in the water as well as one lady up on the sand, "basking".  It was such an awesome sight to see these creatures in their natural habitat, and not in a zoo or aquarium.
If you see a turtle on the beach, there will most likely be a red rope around it, to give the turtle some space, since some over-anxious visitors can tend to get too close.

Laniakea Beach or “Turtle Beach” is not hard to find, but it's not marked!
From the historic town of Haleiwa, travel about 1.5 miles just before Pohaku Loa Way on the Kam Highway. When you see lots of cars parked in the dirt on the right-hand side 'pull in !!!'. Across the street is Laniakea Beach.

**Please Note: Access to this parking lot is now gone, the Hawaii Tourism Authority had to put up cement 
barricades because of the lack of "designated" parking and pedestrian crosswalks . The growing popularity of this beach has contributed to increased traffic and safety concerns within the community.

If you have visited our beautiful island state, and have experienced seeing these magnificent green sea turtles, I'd love to hear about it!

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