Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY Fireplace Makeover & Tutorial {Texas 2009}

Welcome to Throwback Thursday!
Here's where I'll be sharing some previous DIY projects from before I started blogging.
**I'll occasionally throw in a flashback picture of family members, so watch out family! <wink>

Our home in Texas had a favorite feature, a wood-burning fireplace, and we loved it!  However, what I didn't love was the brassy fireplace doors.
We were at our favorite home improvement store, looking at new doors, and they were way out of our budget!  Honestly, I didn't need an entire new fireplace, just some doors....
As I was wandering around, disappointed, I came across a can of high-temperature black spray paint with a photo of a barbecue grill on it.  I snatched it up, and read that it was okay for using on fireplace surrounds, too! FIVE BUCKS! Yeah, baby!

Here's How We Did It:

That afternoon, Hubs pulled out the surround/ doors for me, and kept himself busy cleaning out the fire box while I tackled this easy project outdoors.

1. Rub the metal with dry, fine gauge steel wool. This gives the paint a better adhesion.
2. Clean the part you want to paint. I used non-ammonia glass spray and paper towels.
3. Tape off, and cover with newspaper, the glass and any other areas you don't want to paint.
4. Our on the back patio, I laid out some cardboard, laid the surround on top of that, and started shaking the can of spray paint.
{Even though I had not done much spray painting before, I read the directions, and it was easy-peasy.}
5. Lightly spray the exposed metal, keeping back about 8-inches and using a sweeping motion.
6. Apply about 3 light coats, making sure each coat is dry, before applying the next coat.
7. Peel off the tape & newspaper, clean the glass and re-install the doors!

{If your surround/ doors don't come out easily, you can do this project with them in place, just cover EVERYTHING around with drop-cloths, newspaper, cardboard, or whatever. AND make sure you open the windows and doors for ventilation.}

We were SO pleased with the look of our fireplace, and we received lots of compliments on it!
If you have outdated doors on your fireplace, I encourage you to give this inexpensive and easy project a try, and let me know how it turned out!

  Blessings, Juju

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