Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Beachy Mantle Decor

At one end of our bedroom is a wood-burning fireplace…So Romantic!  However, with the brick color, it tends to look a bit “cave-like” down there.  I saw a beachy themed mantle from decorchick
that inspired me to bring some brightness to our mantle.
The Before!

The Wreath!

The Color!
My favorite color from childhood has come back into fashion...Aqua!
When I was at ReStore last week, I found these turquoise-colored shutters, and realized that I had my color inspiration...
but they needed to be toned-down a bit.
After The Hubs cut them to size (they are molded vinyl, not real wood!), I applied 2 very light coats of white paint. I used a dry-brush technique, so that the "wood grain" would show through, and look weathered.
(Cost: $4.00 for 2 shutters)
Mixing equal parts of 2 colors of acrylic paint (Apple Barrel "Key West" & "Laguna"), I  got this dreamy shade of blue for the little signs.
(Cost: $1.06 for paint & .30¢ for 2 boards)
Cricut vinyl lettering (had the vinyl on hand)
The Jar! 
Thank God for Goodwill! 
I found this OLD Aqua-Colored "Atlas E-Z Seal"
mason-style jar for just $2.99!
Filled with shells and wrapped with some netting,
ied up with twine and they look mighty fine!
Cost for the shells & netting: Zero!
(We've collected the shells for years, and the netting was the packaging for the spheres.)
The Spheres and Box!
The costliest part of this project were these spheres from Michael's. Originally $14.99 for a bag, they were mis-placed in a bin that said .99¢.
The store manager saw how disappointed I was when it rang up at full price,
and gave me 40% off=$8.99
The adorable wooden box with the rope handles
was found at a thrift shop=$2.99
The Little Jars!
When I was sorting through the 30 years worth of seashells, rocks, etc. that we have collected during our marriage, I found my sea glass 
and put them in this little spice jar that I've also had for about 30 years.  
The little pale aqua bottle came from the thrift shop. Cost: .59¢
The Driftwood Frame!
The Hubs and I went for a drive today, along the shores of
Lake Coeur d'Alene 
and we stopped to pick up some driftwood for crafts. 
I came home and hot glued & tied them together for a frame. Cost: FREE!
My Favorite Thing!
Do you see this GORGEOUS stemmed candle holder? I fell in LOVE with it at Michael's the other day but, because of my tight budget,
I almost walked away from it.
I mean, I just KNEW it had to be pricey. And then the heaven's opened
when I saw a miraculous sign (no, I mean a real sign) that said 60% off!!! Cost: $4.39
And since it's filled with shells that my Love and I have gathered on beaches all over the world, it's filled with happy memories of our Journeys.

Be Blessed~ Juju

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