Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Semi-Homemade "Mod Podge"

Yesterday, I was looking online for some gift ideas for Father's Day and found a great {and almost free} gift to make for the Hubs.  (I'll share it in a later post, so I don't give away the surprise! Yes, he reads my blog!)  The only thing was, I was going to need some "Mod Podge" and I think I'm fresh-out of it.  Of course, I went on Pinterest to see if anyone had a recipe for homemade Mod Podge and I found several that were identical and extremely simple!

1 - 4oz. bottle of Elmer's White Glue
1 -8 oz or larger jar (my sister's jam came in this one)
4 oz. water

Pour the glue into the clean jar.
Add the water.
Put the lid on snugly and SHAKE IT UP!

Yep, that's it!  It's a thinner version than what you'd buy in the store, but I've read that many people think it dries faster and clearer than the original. This is a matte finish, not glossy.

Here are the slight variations that I read:
*add 1 Tablespoon of clear varnish to the mixture to make a glossy finish.
*and some folks use 4 oz. glue and only 2 oz. water...it's thicker, and more like the original probably.

Blessings ~ Juju

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