Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FAMILY wood blocks

It's all about family. That's been our motto/ mantra for about 30 years now.  And this week, our oldest  daughter and I decided to do a simple craft that puts our words into action.

Grandpa R. obligingly cut some scrap 2x4 lumber into 2 each of the following sizes: 6",         5-1/2" and 4-1/2".  Daughter and I then painted the back and sides of each block with black acrylic paint.  

When dry, the fronts were then painted in lavender, cream and soft blue.

We used my Cricut™ machine to cut black vinyl letters with the Don Juan™ cartridge. We had to adjust the letter m a bit to fit with width of the block, but as you can see, it turned out really well.

Here is the original idea we saw on Pinterest, and modified/ simplified it for our blocks.  If you'd like to see other ideas from Pinterest, type "family blocks" into the search bar.

Blessings ~ Juju

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