Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garden Plant Stakes

These plant stakes were at our local farmer's market last year, and wanted to make some for's just taken me a year to get around to it! It looks like the crafter that made these used stencils, but I went with  hand-lettering.  They add a lot of charm to our gardens!

1. Assemble the stakes: Using some scrap wood that was in the garage, it was easy to use an electric staple gun to attach the "sign" portion to the stakes. My signs are about 4 to 6 inches long, and about 1-3 inches wide. Making them different sizes keeps things visually interesting.
2. Apply a coat of primer, if you wish, but I skipped that step.
3. The hardest part was choosing the colors I wanted to use for each stake, but the rest was easy going...You don't have to be too neat about applying the paint, but be sure to protect any surfaces that you don't want paint on, like the kitchen table! (Michael's and Walmart both had the small bottles of acrylic paint on sale for just 50¢ I stocked up!)
All of the signs are hand-lettered.

4. After the background colors are dry, choose contrasting colors for the lettering.  I actually opened up a Word document to choose the fonts that I wanted to use, but you can do free-hand lettering if you'd like. OR you can get some transfer paper and trace the lettering onto the signs.  I just "eyeballed it" while looking at what I had designed on the computer. As I painted, I got creative an added some embellishments, too.
5. Apply a protective coat of clear spray paint.  Do this in a well-ventilated area or outdoors! I found that a can of Krylon® was half the price at Walmart over buying it at a craft store.
6. After they are dry, tie a few strands of raffia into a bow below the sign and stake them into your gardens! 
The Strawberry Patch!
The new Lavender mound!
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Blessings ~ Juju

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