Utility Table Transformation for Just $2 !

Hey Guys!  I've been busy this week, tying to get a lot done which included getting my workroom back into a neat & tidy order.  In March, I sold my desk & chair because I needed more space to work on Brushed Up Furniture & More projects, so I decided to get creative and transform my paint-splattered utility work table into something more desk-like.

As you can see from the photos below, my worktable had quite a lot of undesirable spills and splatters from previous painting projects.  I tried scrubbing half-heartedly wiped the table off, but alas! I think they were embedded into the surface.

Since I had already been cleaning and organizing the workroom, my eyes fell upon my basket of Contact Paper that I use for lining drawers, etc.  I had 2 rolls of Granite-look paper from The Dollar Tree  that I wasn't using for anything else.  The small pattern & texture would also work well in hiding not only the seam when I covered the table, but in case there are any future spills!
(If you want to see other patterns available, check out The Dollar Tree website. I personally have purchased nearly every pattern they carry.)

Since the table was already clean of loose debris, I peeled the backing off of the first roll and smoothed it all down, leaving a pretty ample amount overhanging the edges on the front & both short ends.  It's not that difficult, just take your time, and it's re-positionable in case you need to move it. Note: one roll wouldn't cover the entire table, which is why I had to overlap.

After the first roll was smooth, I trimmed the corners and made slits to position it around the curved corners of the table. Oh, and an old credit card worked perfectly for sliding the bubbles out.

Alright, so putting on the second roll was a little bit trickier, but patience helped me. And a credit card, and a straight pin.
I overlapped the second roll of contact paper about an inch or so, making sure I had enough overhang to cover the edges.
The bubbles will drive you crazy, so just pierce each one and flatten it with the credit card.  There might be quite a few bubbles, just keep running your hand over the contact paper and find all those little buggers.

Then, I repeated the process of trimming the remaining 2 corners.
Of course, since the tabletop is made from plastic, the vinyl contact paper didn't want to hold firmly when I was smoothing the edges under.  Naturally, I was not giving up...Painter's tape for the win!
I flipped the table over and taped the edges down, easy-peasy.

 Now, tell me that you liked the paint splatters better....no? Okay, me neither.

For just $2, I was able to quickly and easily transform my workroom utility table from paint-splattered to faux granite in just about 20 minutes!

Head on over to The Dollar Tree for some Contact Paper, and see what you can transform!
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