Reclaimed Pallet Shelves

Hey Everyone!  Thanks for stopping over!  I hope you have a tall sweet tea, or your favorite coffee in front of you so that you can relax and see what I was up to the other day:

Back in 2012, I was given a couple of pallets to try my hand at creating something from them.  We lived in Idaho at that time, and it was a beautiful summer day when Ed & I started separating the pallets.  We got some good wood out of them and I made a couple of signs...

This Pantry sign:

and this Bakery Sign:

and this Pallet Wall Art with removable Paris canvas:

which also had a short life as this hand painted pallet art:

However, I really wasn't using it the way I wanted to.  I've seen quite a few inspirations online, like this one from Find Your Countryside on Etsy:

and this one I found on Pinterest by The Wood Garage LLC on Etsy:

Aren't they so cute??
Yesterday, one of my neighbors asked on the Next Door app if someone could build the shelf (above), since it was no longer available.  I told her I could build one for her, and got to work.  Naturally, I wanted to use what I already had, and at this time, I don't have much in my pallet wood stash, so I decided to give mine a makeover, and see if she liked what I came up with.

I sanded off nearly all of the paint, to get it to that cool, rustic texture that she wanted.  I cut three shelves to mimic the ones on the inspiration piece, and then attached them from the back using screws. Because the vertical pallet boards are different depths, I couldn't glue the shelves on. The hardest part was making sure each shelf was level, so I pre-drilled holes first and inserted one screw from the back into one end of the shelf, and double-checked the level before continuing to secure the rest of the shelf.  After I had that part figured out, it went pretty quickly.

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After all of them were attached, I really didn't want to part with it!  I LOVE how it came out! And, so did my neighbor....she bought it from me!  Well, I guess I need to start looking for some more pallets to make another one for myself.

It actually feels really good to have something sell so quickly that I didn't get a chance to list it! Makes me feel like my efforts are appreciated.

Until next time, you can always find me posting photos on Facebook and Instagram, or stop over to see my Brushed Up Furniture & More page!

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