Hot Glue Gun Holder with Tutorial

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I've been busy lately doing what I call "easy DIY", like this little Hot Glue Gun Holder that I quickly put together yesterday.  All you need is basic woodworking skills for this one! I'm definitely still a beginner, so if you think you see any imperfections in your work, well, you are in good company!  {Besides, I like the "perfectly imperfect" style, myself.}

What you'll need:

-- one board 10-inches by 5-inches (I used a pallet board scrap)
-- one board 5-inches by 3-1/2-inches (I used a lumber scrap)
-- a tile (I picked some up at ReStore Habitat for Humanity really cheap)
-- wood glue (I like Gorilla Wood glue or Elmer's Professional Wood glue)
-- a saw to cut the wood to length (I used a jigsaw)
-- a 1-1/2 inch hole saw bit that fits into your drill
-- drill
-- sandpaper
-- paint or stain (optional)

-- Cut the 2 boards to the correct dimensions.
-- Next, you'll need to cut the half circle. (Clamp the small piece down to a work surface, to make this step easier.)  Attach the hole saw bit to your drill.  Position it on the wood near the edge where your half circle will be, and proceed to cut. I found it easiest to go just a little more than half-way, so you are actually cutting slightly more than a true "half" of the circle.
-- Now, sand each board smooth, and wipe down to remove dust.
{At this point, you can paint or stain the boards with whatever you'd like. I didn't take time to do this, but I'll probably end up painting it later.}
-- Measure in from one side on the larger board 3-inches and draw a line. (See diagram above) This is where you will glue the other board upright. Use the wood glue for this. You might want to clamp it down until it dries, but I didn't want to go out into the hundred-and-fifty-thousand-degree garage to get my clamps, and it's holding fine.
-- Glue the tile down flat in front of the upright board. Again, I used the wood glue, and it was fine.

Ta Da! You've made a Hot Glue Gun Holder!  Simple and inexpensive, and when the hot glue drips from the end, it will land on the tile, and you can pop it off when it's cool.  It's a safe place to rest your glue gun while in use, and to cool it down when you're done!

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