Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hawaiian Railway

Welcome back to Sightseeing Saturday!

A few months back, Hubs and I visited The Hawaiian Railway Society
located in nearby Ewa.
The train route goes along a historic stretch of track west of old Ewa.  The train operators give a narrative during your trip, and you will learn about Hawaii's rich railway history.

We rode this wonderful open-air car, with 360 degree views
Kids will love this ride on a real choo-choo train

A stop at Kahe Point on the Leeward side of Oahu.
Leeward is the drier and sunnier side of the island.
The train's route also passes directly through Ko Olina Resort
and you might see some of the famous black swans

The sun was spotlighting an area of the ocean,
and I wish this photo could have captured
how glorious it really was.

This was a day to "relax and enjoy the ride"
as the train travels along for 90 minutes at a pulse-racing 15 miles per hour.
It is the only active, historic railway on Oahu.
Visit for more information.
If you enjoy train travel and nostalgia, leave me a comment below.

     Blessings, Juju

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