Monday, March 24, 2014

How to Clean a {Top Loading} Washing Machine

Today, I want to share with you How to Clean a Top Loading Washing Machine. Yeah not a glamorous task, I know.  However, since we first moved into our Hawaii home, which is a leased apartment, I knew that the washing machine was a little grimey and needed cleaning, but until today I never made the time to take care of the job.

I found two great tutorials on Anna Moseley's blog, Ask Anna, {below} which guided me through the process:

It really was a pretty straightforward process, and Anna had laid it out step-by-step, so that it was easy to follow.
{However, I discovered one thing that Anna didn't cover, and that was RUST! in Hawaii has it's downsides, too, and rust is one of them. As I cleaned, there were big chunks of rust falling off from around the underside of the rim and around the opening for the liquid bleach dispenser. I really didn't have anything on hand to take care of this problem, so I just kept cleaning until no more rust was coming off in my hands.}

Here are the Before photos:

After step 1, {using the vinegar} was completely finished, I could already see a huge difference in how much cleaner most of the machine was, but I did use a little bit of Soft Scrub on a sponge to hit a few areas that didn't come very clean with the vinegar.
Next, I began step 2, {the bleach step}, and went for a nice walk with my Sweet Hubs. When we returned home, I checked the washer and everything looked good.
After the cycle was finished, I re-installed the parts that I had cleaned separately, and now the difference is amazing! Compare the before and after photos, and you can see for yourself.


{Of course, there is still the matter of the rust, but I don't think much can be done about it; since we don't own the washer, we are only required to keep it clean and report to the property manager if it's not running properly.}
While washing and scrubbing the tub, I discovered that the plastic part where the water flows from was actually un-clipped from the area where it was actually supposed to be. You can see in the before photo how it was hanging down. I simply snapped it back up into place, and it works great! I also discovered that the liquid bleach dispenser is not hooked up to hose or anything that sends the bleach anywhere. Since I usually just dump the bleach into the water before I add my whites, I had never used this anyway.

Drop on over to Anna's blog, Ask Anna and check out some of her amazing tips and tricks for cleaning just about anything!
Oh, and if you have a {Front Loading} High Efficiency Washer, here's the link for cleaning that!  

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