5 Tips to Getting a House SOLD

A month ago, Hubs and I found a wonderful Realtor, Karen, through the Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Providers website. We listed our house and she gave us an additional week to get it completely ready for photos and showings.
This past Friday, Karen called me and said, "I have a four-letter word for you...S O L D!"

Three weeks on the market? Amazing!  So, what made it happen for us so quickly? (Well, in my opinion, prayer was a huge factor.)  Here are 5 tips to getting a house SOLD:

1. Purge and organize!

Getting rid of clutter and junk frees up space and gives the potential buyer an opportunity to picture themselves living there. Box up your collections so that the house itself can be the star of the show.  If the buyer sees neatly stacked boxes in your garage or shed, that tells them that you are serious about moving!

2. Clean, clean and clean a bit more

Buyers would like your home to look like a "model home". They want to imagine living there, without seeing dust bunnies and dog fur on the floors, or dirty dishes in the sink and soap scum in the bathtub.  You will probably need to vacuum and dust every other day at a minimum. Toilets, showers and tubs need to shine every day.
Pamper the heart of the home, the kitchen! Free up counter space and clear off the top of the fridge, and keep them clear.  (Personally, I believe that our hard work in getting our kitchen updated was a huge selling point.)

 3. Staging your house

You've heard it over and over. Staging...it seems to be the real catch-word when it comes to selling your house. But, it goes back to what I said above, buyers want to see your house as they would a "model home".  Remember the "rule of 3" when it comes to decor on any surface...3 things only. Like on my fireplace mantle, shelves and counters.

4. Make your bed...every. single. day.

(Do I sound like your mom here?  Haha...yeah, I can hear my mom's voice as I type this.)

You know, there's a lot to be said for making your bed every day. It's actually something that I started doing daily about six years ago. It became a part of my morning routine, just like my shower and brushing my teeth. It's so nice to come down at any point of the day to see my bedroom looking pretty.

5. Curb Appeal: Making a good First Impr

When it comes to grabbing a potential buyer's attention as they pull up to your house, nothing does it better than neatly cut lawns, attractive flower beds, and walkways that are clear of debris and clutter. Freshen up those planting beds by pulling the weeds and grass out, and add in some new mulch or bark. Its a relatively small investment of your time and money, that can really help your bottom line!

So, now that we have accepted an offer, we're making the final push to pack up and begin our new life's journey, living in Hawaii.  You can be assured that I'll be blogging more about that in the months to come.

What tips would you add to this list? I love to hear from my readers about what has been successful for them, so leave me a comment below, or look me up on social media!

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