Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover - Painting Progress!

I am SO thrilled to let you know that the painting on our kitchen cabinets has finally begun!
In case you haven't been following our progress, you can catch up HERE and HERE to see how this adventure all began.

Progress photos:
1. I recently discovered a product called "LAs Totally Awesome" and used it to clean the grime off the bottom of the cabinets that were over the stove. The grime just melted off!
2. The Hubs said we needed to elevate the doors to keep them from sticking to the drop cloths we placed on the tables, so we snagged some cans from the pantry. Worked like a charm!
3. This shows the back side of the doors, before and after the coat of primer. We used Zinzer 1,2,3. It went on evenly and covered well.
4. This shows the backs of some of the doors, drying after their coat of primer.
5. Here are the fronts with primer!
6. The first coat of paint on the door fronts!!

And here is the second (and hopefully final) coat of paint on the fronts.  What a huge difference it makes! We are using Behr Premium Plus Ultra in a Satin finish. The color of the upper cabinets is "Coastal Beige".  (No, I am not a compensated endorser, I just know that someone will ask.)

We were originally going to use The Hubs' auto paint sprayer for this project, but the guy at the paint desk steered us toward using a roller instead. He knows his stuff, so we used a 4-inch roller and a 1-inch brush for "cutting in" on the inside edges. For the primer and first coat of paint we used a "fluffy"-nap roller, but for the final coat we used a dense foam roller.  The final coat turned out nice and smooth.

Tomorrow, we will be painting the backs with two coats of paint, and also prepping the upper kitchen "boxes" for primer.
Oh, and I was inspired to do a little project while the paint was drying...

The idea came from Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl. She's got some great projects on her blog!

Stay tuned for further updates as details become available on our progress.  I think we will all be amazed at the transformation.  CLICK HERE FOR REVEAL!

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