Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kitchen Pantry Organization

Today I decided to tackle another project in the Kitchen Organization challenge: The Pantry.

When I decided to take on the challenge of getting the house organized a bit better, I started in the kitchen not because it needed it the most, but rather since it's the "hub of the home" and everyone is in and out of my kitchen all the time!
The kitchen pantry has been an on-going project for me. First, I replaced the ugly, old brown door with the 70's builder-grade door knob with a paneled, white door and a glass door knob! Check out my post about that part of the project HERE.

Last summer, I purchased a shoe organizer from Bed, Bath & Beyond for the inside of the pantry door. (I wanted something non-permanent that would not require drilling or nails.) That has kept me sane with all the little things that typically get lost in the abyss inside the pantry.  See how nicely it holds small boxes, packets of seasoning, etc.?
 A few months ago, I started picking up plastic containers at Walmart for all of our dry goods, like pastas, baking items, etc. and it's been working out very well. The squared shape and the choice of sizes that stack together make good use of the space.

We have a high shelf that requires me to use a step-stool, so I only keep items up there that I don't have to access on a daily basis. (Or I ask a taller person to please retrieve them for me!)
Next is the breakfast and cereal shelf, with a handy hanging rack for the bread, bagels, etc. Keeps them from being squished.
Baking shelf is next; under that is the Pasta and Rice. Everything that is not in it's original packing is labeled.
The last shelf is my adult daughter's...'nuf said.

Finally, on the floor of the pantry, I keep my bread machine, since it won't fit anywhere else; the big jug of honey we buy at the Farmer's Market; a plastic basket for potatoes; and other tall items.
Now, I know you are asking me where all the canned goods are?  In the garage on a portable rolling shelf, of course! And the rest of my "mini-stockpile" is kept in our walk-in closet/ dressing room: TP, Kleenex, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, cleaning supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste...More on those areas in another post!

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