Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Mantle Decor

As promised, here are some photos of our new mantle that we built last week. My daffodils blooming in the backyard inspired me to add a touch of Spring to this room, especially since the dark bricks make it a bit "cave-like".  I've also gathered together a few antiques and collectables that are usually scattered about in various parts of the house.
With a 2-1/2 year old in the house, I'm loving that we have a secure place to put these "pretties" up high and out of reach of little hands.
Most of the objects are things I've had for a while...the little metal cream can I bought in Germany at a flea market when we were stationed at Ramstein Air Force Base back in the late '90s; the dark aqua Ball canning jars that my sister "Sweet T" gave me last year; the small cream-colored Red Wing vase that I picked up at a yard sale about 28 years ago (it was marked on the outside in black permanent marker "75¢", thankfully, it cleaned off!); the books that belonged to my Grandmother Bishop whom I never met (she was a Texas farm-wife that used them to homeschool her children back in the early 1920s and '30s); the old Ball Mason jar with a rusty bail from Goodwill; the photo of Hubs and I as well as the peacock feather are from our recent trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary; and the church birdhouse that has lived both inside and outside of our home.
A few of the items are new!  Last night I made this darling little burlap banner with our initials on it.  I used leftover burlap from the coffee sacks I got in Hawaii for the Christmas tree skirt and leftover lace from the kitchen curtains.  Oh, and the blue frame it hangs on, I picked up at a Thrift Shop and painted my favorite aqua color. It already had a border of burlap, but I added some self-adhesive cork in the center.
Thankfully, building the mantle only cost us about $82.00; the items on it I simply "shopped my home" to find!
Now, how are YOU finding ways to bring of bit of Springtime into your home?  A mason jar of daffodils? Forcing some Spring bulbs indoors? {I LOVE the smell of hyacinth!}  Leave me a comment below, and we'll inspire each other!
Blessings, Juju

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