Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easy Burlap Projects

How could I have forgotten about the joys of burlap?  A few years ago, we had a "rustic" Christmas tree with some burlap wrapped around the trunk for a tree skirt. But then, I packed it away and went on with a different theme the next year.
Recently, I've discovered how a burlap coffee bag (or 2) can go a long way in creating some special touches...for holidays and every day!
Back in December when I was in Maui, I purchased 2 coffee bean sacks for just $5 each from a local place there called Maui Coffee Roasters.  The first sack I cut into a simple, rustic Christmas Tree Skirt for our son and daughter-in-law's home.  The other sack I brought back to Idaho with me, and it's been patiently waiting up in my craft room.
This first project was inspired by my plain, unadorned dining table.  I simply cut the plain back of the remaining burlap sack into two equal long pieces and sewed them together using a zigzag stitch.  I added a little bit of leftover lace trim from my curtain sewing project, overlapping 2 rows for a bit of softness.

The other day I shared with you this easy banner (again, with just a bit of leftover burlap and lace!) on my spring fireplace mantle:
Sitting on my desk, I have this sweet candle, wrapped in a piece of scrap burlap and lace with a bit of twine, tied on with a key to my heart: 
And one more thing before I head out the door...a new key holder embellished with burlap and twine: 
I've seen these wooden plaques at Walmart, but I happened to pick this one up at a thrift store. It was simple to use some spray adhesive to attach the burlap scrap; trim the edges with scissors; use a colored permanent marker to add the stripes; finish off by wrapping a bit of twine around to add texture and interest.

And guess what? I still have the front of the coffee bean sack, waiting until I find just the right picture frame!
Do you see how my $5 investment went such a long way?  How have you stretched a little fabric to go a long way? I'd love to hear about your projects, so leave a little comment below.  In the meantime, I think I just remembered some burlap out in the Christmas boxes....
Blessings, Juju


  1. I love burlap! There are so many things you can do with it and it looks great in any season! :)

    1. So true, Lindsey! It's not just for "rustic Christmas" anymore!