Wednesday, February 6, 2013

L*O*V*E* Burlap-Wrapped Candles

Today my fingers were itching to get some kind of craft done for Valentine's Day, and this one was fast and easy.

Using battery-operated candles from the Dollar Store, and leftover burlap trim from my curtain project, I cut strips to length for wrapping each candle. (If you have regular burlap instead of the wired burlap trim, you can use that.)

Next, using MS Word, I printed out the letters L O V E on plain paper, using Penshurst 160-sized font. (Oh,  I also printed out a heart using the drawing tools feature.)

Placing the burlap over the letters, I used a black Sharpie pen to follow the design of each letter (and the heart) onto each strip of burlap.
Finally, using my low-temp glue gun, I wrapped each strip around a candle and glued them into place.
This quick project turned out exactly how I wanted it to look, but embellishments like buttons, lace, bows, or other trims could be added, if you like.  Also, think of how cute the letters would be using a RED Sharpie?

Now that I have this quick project completed, it looks like I have plenty of time to make a matching burlap table runner (from the other coffee bean burlap bag that I brought home from Maui.)  Stay tuned for that one!
Blessings, Juju

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