Saturday, June 23, 2012

ReStore Revival: Potting Bench

The Hubs and I went up to ReStore today, and by "thinking outside of the box" and making a few clever purchases,
we were able to make a potting bench for Twelve bucks!
ReStore Revival: Potting Bench

Hubs helped me out on this one, since
I'm not very familiar with his power tools.
ReStore treasures:
Cabinet: $10.- Board & 2X4 Frame: $1.50
Check out this funky flower-a-delic
contact paper interior! 
Hubs trimmed off the sides of the board
with his circular saw, a tool I have not yet
worked up the courage to use alone.
Then, after some measuring, together we
drilled some pilot holes and drove some
long wood screws to attach the frame
to the top and to the cabinet.
We attached some large cup hooks around
the frame to hang the small tools on.
I removed most of the 70's contact paper
(it was on every interior surface).
I kind of like the way it revealed the
black paint and raw wood underneath.
Yay! I transplanted these brave little
Pansy flowers (from the cracks they
were growing in) into this hanging bowl.
I love my new Potting Bench!

Blessings ~ Juju

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