Monday, March 26, 2012

Adding Character to our Bland House

It was very exciting to me to read a blog article yesterday called, How to Add "Old House" Character & Charm To Your Newer Home.  It's by a blogger named Traci at Beneath My Heart.  She posted about replacing boring builder-grade doors with paneled doors. My heart started beating faster.... I knew immediately that I wanted to replace the kitchen pantry door...I just hated the cheap look of that old brown door, and it had a hole it in, too!
Traci inspired me so much that I convinced my sweet Hubs to go out in the rain & snow with me to ReStore, which is Habitat for Humanity's re-sale store.  I didn't know if we would find what I wanted, but the helpful "door lady" was great and led me straight to the right door!  It's not "antique" but its a sight better than what we had:

This project cost us just $10 for the door, and it took less than an hour to remove the old door, "finagle" the old hinges into the right spot on the new door, change over the door knob, and hang the new door into place.  I have to give my Hubs a huge THANK YOU for putting up with my impulsive idea, and for all his help on this project.  (I think he liked the excuse to work with his tools.)  
One thing I want to do is keep looking for a new door knob, to add some more character...something like this:

I think I'm going to be carrying around a list of all the door sizes in our house!  Thank you, Traci for your fantastic ideas!

UPDATE! Today I painted the word PANTRY on the door, and I think it turned out just right, and the project is complete. Found the idea on Pinterest from Home Spun Threads. Thank you, Aimee! 
2nd UPDATE! 8-19-2012:
This week my Hubs and I found a glass door knob at ReStore for just $7.50, and then found the door plates we needed at a local antique vendor-mall.  Here they are in place!

Blessings, Juju

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