Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easy Padded Headboard Panels

Adding Style and Softness

Our bedroom could be called the shrine to oak.  Although everything is mis-matched, nearly all the pieces are made from oak.  Hubs and I still like oak, and I doubt that I'll go wild and paint everything, but sometimes I've wanted to add a little softness.

These easy-to-make padded panels were inexpensive and give me the softer texture I wanted, with a slightly updated look.

Here's what I used:

1/4-inch (or 5mm) wood Underlayment, also called Luan - Home Depot
Painter's Canvas Dropcloth - Home Depot
Twin size foam mattress pad - Walmart
Low Loft Crafter's batting - Walmart
Loctite Spray Adhesive - Walmart
Sticky-Back Velcro in a roll - Walmart
Duct tape - had on hand swiped it off Hubs' workbench

To make these, I cut the drop cloth about 3-inches larger than the wood panel all around. Then, I cut the batting about 1-inch larger than the panel, and the foam pad was cut the same size as the panel.
Then it was a matter of "sandwiching" it all together!

First, lay down the fabric (if your fabric has a "right side", be sure that faces down).
On top of the fabric, lay the batting, and finally the foam with the flat side down.
Spray the adhesive onto one side of the wood panel (this is to keep the foam pad from slipping around), wait a few seconds, then carefully line it up with the foam and press down.

Wrap the fabric around the edges of the panel like you would a gift, pulling tightly and using the duct tape to hold it all in place. If your fabric is thick, you can trim a little of the bulk off of the corners, stopping about 1/2-inch from the wood panel.

Apply the Velcro strips to the top and bottom of the panel. I peeled off the plastic backing and put the "hook" side onto the panel, and stuck the "loop" side to that, leaving the sticky part covered with the plastic (see photo with duct tape).
To apply to headboard, peel off the remaining plastic covering from the "loop" side, line it up carefully and press firmly. This makes the panel removeable and you won't damage your headboard! 

If you're like me, and you like to change things out, it's not that difficult to switch out the fabric on these panels. Just take them off the headboard, remove the Velcro, duct tape and fabric from the board, and begin again with new fabric. You could use hot glue to re-attach the Velcro to the back of the board and then you are ready to re-mount the panels to the headboard.

Hubs and I like the softer, updated look to the headboard...and I didn't paint it!

Next time, I'll be showing everyone the console table I'm making from a free half-pallet and curbside-rescued wood planks... ya gotta love free!  

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