Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet T's Bistro Set

Vacation is over, and I've brought home such sweet memories, and even several post ideas that I hope my readers will enjoy.
My sister, "Sweet T", is one of the first women I've known to reuse, repurpose, and upcycle everyday objects into one of a kind useful items, bringing them back to life, and giving them new beauty at the same time.
This sweet little metal bistro table and chairs was originally purchased second-hand by our mom back in the mid-80s. (Mom called it her "ice cream parlor" set.)

The "Ice Cream Parlor" set in the store window, when Mom first saw it.
Over the years, it was used indoors, outdoors and as a prop for a church play a time or two. It was white, then gold, then chippy and a bit rusty.  

I think this was supposed to be a globe, made from chicken wire.
When T inherited it, she painted it black and it has been lovingly cared for. When the welds would break, a friend would repair them, but the welding material would build up and make sitting uncomfortable.
Sweet T loves "thrifting" and had purchased some natural jute rope a while back, not knowing exactly where she'd use it. She worked out the the final look of the table in her mind, then set out performing the tedious task of wrapping the rope around each chair seat to cover the welds. She then wrapped the table top to match, and the finished look is nothing short of designer!  Burlap, macramé and all things natural-looking are "in", aren't they? Well, here is the bistro set that I now covet, haha!

This project is not for an impatient person, and it took her three days to complete the chairs alone. It's a labor of love, and when Sweet T and I sat down to enjoy a glass of her famous sweet tea, it made the moment even sweeter to enjoy it at this sweet bistro set.

As a bonus, here's a picture of a regular, old plastic chair that she also saved from going into the dumpster. Creatively salvaged into a work of art, its even sturdier and more comfortable, and everyone races to sit in it!
It's gone from "ready for the garbage"
to the most requested, comfy chair in the yard!
My Beautiful Sis, Sweet T
{ I'm lonely for you already! }

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