Sunday, June 8, 2014

No-Rust Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

Yeah, that's kind of a long title, but it's what works...Just like this great soap dispenser that Hubs and I made!  And truth be told, I just explained it to Hubs and he did the only real work involved.

It's really all about the lid here, people:

Supplies needed:
*Mainstays (Walmart Brand) Regular Mouth Canning Jar Lid OR Ball brand Plastic Storage Caps (saw them at Target)
(they're plastic, and won't rust!)
*An Empty foaming soap dispenser (this one is from Bath & Body Works)
*Fine point Sharpie Marker (waterproof works best)
*A Pint-Sized Regular Mouth Mason Jar (that's a 2-cup capacity)
*A REALLY sharp knife (OR a hole cutting bit & a drill)
*Finally, a Hubs like mine that will handle the really scarey, really sharp knife for you, if you are a huge klutz like me, and will likely end up in the emergency room bleeding all over their nice tiled floors!
*Unscrew the pump off of the soap dispenser.
*Use the top of the empty bottle to draw a hole in the underside of the lid.
**Now is the part where the hole cutting bit and drill would have come in handy, but if you have a Hubs handy and he's better at handling sharp things than you are, then you can go with that.
*Hubs took his really sharp knife and cut an X in the center of that circle I drew in the lid.
*Then he carefully, and without injury, cut each quartered section out, following the line.
*See that line I drew around the collar of the bottle? You (and by you , I mean the person least likely to slash their hand open) will need to cut that part off. Hubs used his knife, since it was already in his hand, but an Exacto knife would have worked well, too.
*The top of the bottle that you just cut off needs to fit snugly from the bottom of the lid, extending out the top of the lid. Hard to say, and I don't have a photo! Arg, I think I'll have to take one to show you....

Well, I took 2 photos for ya...I hope you enjoy them. Yes, I had way too much fun with those arrows!
*With the collar inside the lid as shown above, take the pump and screw it back on to the will snug up as you tighten the pump, but you might have to hold on to that lip on the bottom as you tighten.
Ta Da!!  All you have to do is dump some liquid soap into your little blue Mason jar and screw your new NO-RUST lid into place!
**UPDATE!  Hubs and I purchased a 1-1/2" hole-cutting bit for his drill, and tried it out. He actually taught ME how to do the drilling (use a scrap piece of wood under the lid, that's very important so you don't end up with a hole on your cute little wooden TV tray...).  It cut the hole perfectly, and I was done in 10 seconds flat! Whoo Hoo! Now, I'm buying more Bath & Body Works containers, and making these lids up to send to my Mason-Jar Lovin' daughters!

*Oh, and about that jar with the handle...Nope, it's not lemonade in it.  I actually decided I wanted a clear jar for the kitchen, so I grabbed one of our Mason Jar drinking glasses from the cupboard. The lid fit perfectly, of course...And the liquid soap is something I just whipped up:
>>You will need Dr. Bronner's Liquid Pure Castle Soap (I got the Citrus-Orange at Target) and water.
>>Two ounces of liquid soap Plus 10 ounces of water = Done!
{ONLY use a foaming pump with this soap, otherwise it will squirt sideways if you use a regular pump!}

So, what do you think? Are you brave enough to handle the scarey knife, or know someone who is?  (Or are you smart enough to run down to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy the hole cutting bit for your drill?)  This project only took about 15 minutes for Hubs to cut the hole, and I'm enjoying having a fresh-citrus-y smelling soap in the kitchen!  If you tackle this project, I'd love to hear about it!

Inspired by: Pretty Handy Girl

  Blessings,  Juju

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