Monday, April 14, 2014

Revamped Built-in Bookcase

Today, I was looking back at some of the DIY projects that Hubs and I have done in some of our past homes. Each one was a labor of love, and to me, each one made a big difference in the look we were going for!
In our house in Abilene, Texas we had a BIG built-in bookcase. For a couple of years, I fought with keeping it organized and tidy...and usually failed miserably. Notice that it was so tall that I couldn't reach the top shelves! {Or maybe it was because I'm so short...}
Hubs and I decided that there was just too much display area showing. I especially didn't like the 2 lower shelves that were almost always the most cluttered with photo albums and larger books, tipping over and looking disorganized.
We took measurements to make 3 doors, purchased 3/4-inch plywood and had Lowe's cut it to size. We also purchased hinges and paint.  A friend used his router to round off the edges and cut in finger grip areas that would be hidden on the back once the doors were installed.

After sanding and painting, Hubs and I installed the doors, leveling them carefully. What a difference it made!
We were so pleased with the big impact of this little project!

Have you done a "little DIY" in your home that has made a huge difference?  I'd love to have you share about it below in the comments section!

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