Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jewelry Box Revival

Setting up a new household from scratch is no easy task. It seems like, just as I think my list has finally been filled, I add more items! It's amazing what you can do without, and what you find you'd really like to have to make life a little sweeter.

I located several thrift shops in my area, and set off to explore them.  One of the little treasures I found was a charming little jewelry box, that was just begging for some attention.

I was very excited about starting this project, but since I had few craft supplies to work with, I had to get creative.  I used just white and black craft paint, Mod Podge, and one of those green scrubbers (since I had no sandpaper).  When I packed up my craft room, I had slipped a few pieces of scrapbook paper into a box I was mailing to our new home in Hawaii, so I utilized those as well.
1. Before - just $4.99 from Goodwill.
2. Rub off the shine with a green scrub pad (or sandpaper).
3. Choose scrapbook paper embellishments.
4. Back the "window" with scrapbook paper, using clear glue tabs.
5. Paint on 2 coats of craft paint in desired color. I blended together a soft "dove gray".
When the second coat of paint is dry, brush on Mod Podge on the areas you wish to embellish with scrapbook paper. After applying, brush on a top coat of Mod Podge. (I used the gloss version.)
Once everything is very dry, use your scrubbie or sandpaper to lightly remove some of the paint for a shabby-chic look.
So that's my first little "revival" that I've created in our new Hawaii home. What do you think?
Don't worry, I'll still be bombarding you with photos of our island, and telling you about the fun we are having here!
Aloha and...

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