Friday, August 16, 2013

Selling Our House in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Today the Realtor and her photographer came for the photo shoot of the house!  It's becoming REAL now! We are really going to move to Hawaii!  What a dream come true!

(And yes, I realize that's a lot of exclamation marks up there...)

Here are some of the photos of the house, to let you see what the past month of frantic activity around here has been like: finishing the kitchen cabinets; sorting, packing, organizing and cleaning; not to mention the yard work that Hubs and I hurried to finish before listing the house.
Front of the house (I blocked out the house number)
Great room with hardwood floors
and tons of natural light!
Kitchen and Eat-In Dining Area
Downstairs Master Bedroom (aka: Family Room)
Downstairs Bathroom with Laundry
Views of the Backyard
This morning, as we readied for the photographer, I took a bottle of anointing oil and prayed over the house, touching all the doorframes inside and out, and praying in each room.  I asked the Lord to bless another family with this house, and to fill it with love and happy memories. Just as we have had here.

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