Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Homemade Window Washing Solution

Don't you just love it when the morning sun comes streaming in through the windows? I do, but only if the windows are clean.....

(for OUTDOOR use only!)

½ small bottle of Jet Dry (yep, the stuff you put into your dishwasher)
¼ cup rubbing alcohol
¼ cup ammonia
1 tablet dishwasher soap, crushed into powder
           (OR about ½ cup dishwasher powder)
2 gallons steaming, HOT water (boil it, if necessary)

Put all of this into a bucket; stir until dissolved.
Pre-Rinse windows using the “jet” spray nozzle.
Dip window washing tool into the solution and scrub the window, top to bottom. (If you don't have a special tool with a long handle, you can put on a rubber glove and use a microfiber cloth to wash the window.)
No need to squeegee the window !

Rinse windows again using the “jet” spray nozzle, top to bottom.  Allow to air dry.
Step back and enjoy the sparkle!
Do NOT use this indoors, the fumes might knock you over!
Blessings, Juju

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