Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Business Launch!

Y'all, I am SO excited to announce the launch of my new business, Brushed Up Furniture & More!

It seems like I've always had a dream of doing something that I love, and turning it into my own small business. As you've seen here for the past 2+ years, I've been doing my own furniture makeovers, and I've discovered that I really love doing them!

How Did I Start?

After Christmas, Ed & I decided to clear out some of the excess furniture.  I began by placing ads on Craigslist, and on about 10 Facebook sites in my area.  I sold the Farmhouse Coffee Table; Glider Rocker & ottoman; a small blue cabinet; the Art Deco Vanity Desk, and even my prized Pallet Bench, and Pallet Console Table!  Parting with the last 2 items was a little difficult, but I am so glad that they both went to nice families.

Once I had the first few sales under my belt, I was encouraged by my daughter, Steffanie, to finally turn my creative energies into a business.  Steffanie has also launched her own small business, Sew Truly, featuring her awesome sewing skills!  Do you need a flower girl dress?  Costume for Halloween that will win prizes?  Go see Steffanie at

Is it scary to start a small business?

Well, yes it can be a little scary!  Steffanie told me about Christy Wright's Business Boutique website, which I have been reading faithfully; I'm also listening to Christy's podcasts and I've pre-ordered her book!  In addition, I'll be attending Christy's 1-Day Business Boutique Event in San Antonio in April! I'm excited to learn how to grow my business with Christy's tools and advice.  Starting a small business can be made easier if you have the motivation, tools and encouragement of someone who has been there.  If you are dreaming of turning a hobby into a small business, I encourage you to check out Business Boutique.

I currently have two new pieces that I'm working on for my business....the first is this sweet little round accent table.  When I'm finished giving it a gentle "refresh", it will be for sale locally in Georgetown, Texas.

I take worn, well-loved furniture and give it a fresh look for today's casual, comfortable home.  I specialize in Farmhouse-style, shabby-chic and country styles.

You know that I would LOVE for you to visit & like my business page at or follow me on  where you'll get sneak peeks and before & after photos of all my projects!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you, and excited to follow your new journey!

    1. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!