Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Map-Covered Vintage Suitcase

Vintage suitcases evoke a feeling of a time long forgotten.  When traveling by train or airplane was chic, and having a sturdy, but smart-looking suitcase was a must. Now, as with so many things in our lives, travel means getting from one place to another as fast as we can, and everyone seems to have the same black wheeled luggage at the carousel luggage claim.

This garage sale find was within my budget, but lacked the classic look I was hoping for. Some well-meaning person had covered it in a brownish-tan paint, which I tried in vain to remove.

Because it is canvas with leather corners and handle, the paint had really soaked in!  I tried different kinds of paint remover and even sandpaper, but there was no hope in getting that paint off.

Painting over it was considered, but I didn't want to make it go from bad to worse, so I scrounged around in my creative space and found a large map I had been saving for the right project.  Suddenly, it came to me how perfect a map-covered suitcase would be for our home decor.  After all, I did name this blog Journeys With Juju!

Using a Google search for maps, I stumbled upon a blog called Unoriginal Mom.  I think I loved Meredith’s introduction because it sounded so much like me, " I freely admit that I am not the most creative or original person when it comes to crafting, decorating, organizing, cooking, etc...but I love being inspired by great ideas and putting my own spin on them!"
Meredith has Free Printable Travel Quotes, and I printed out all of them!

Mod Podge became my best friend, after I tried the maps in different locations on the suitcase. I also used some Aqua chalk paint in a few areas that the maps didn't cover, and jute twine around the handle finished it all off.

Random placement of the maps looked visually better to me than when I put them all going in the same direction.  If you decide to try a similar project with maps, try them a few different ways, step back, and it will help in your decision about placement.

Naturally, this suitcase won't be used for travel anymore, but I love how it looks like it might just be waiting at the station on a old-fashioned luggage cart, don't you?

Until next time, happy travels my friends!

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