Wednesday, August 17, 2016

4 Ways to Repurpose and Reuse

Normally, Hubs and I are diligent about recycling all of our empty plastic, glass, etc. that's allowed by our area recycling company. However, yesterday when I emptied a large Downy Unstopables bottle, I started wondering if I could repurpose it.

With this kind of bottle, don't put food into it, since it had chemicals in it before.  I decided it would make an easier way to store and dispense my dishwasher tablets, and it wasn't even necessary to wash the bottle out!  I just peeled off the label:

and then filled it up with the dishwasher tablets!  

The blue cap is not really necessary for dispensing the tablets, but I thought it was pretty, so I left it on.  Since the bottle is see-thru, I can easily know when I need to put dishwasher tablets on my shopping list.
Have you ever had a leak under your sink, and the cardboard box holding the tablets got soaked?  Well I have, and it pained me to throw away the tablets that got ruined, so this plastic bottle will protect my investment, too!

Here are a few other bottles that I've re-purposed in the past:
The large coffee creamer bottles are great for goldfish crackers, and they keep things neat if you are traveling with kiddos.  I've also used them for rice, dry beans, and other dry foods. The labels peel off easily, and the bottle is clear!
The spice jar was saved when I needed a new bottle of cinnamon, and the empty one became a cinnamon-sugar shaker...I keep it next to the toaster. (I love the square spice bottles that I buy at Target!)

The two flavored syrup bottles, I recently used to make watering bottles like this for my plants:
These are just a few ideas from my own experiences that I've shared with you, but there are MANY more out there...just search Pinterest or Google for ideas on Re-purposed Empty Bottles.  I think the next one I will try, uses a 2-liter soda bottle to start seedlings in. However, we rarely drink soda, so that one might take me a while. 

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