Useful Shelves from Old Drawers

Hey Everyone!  Thanks for dropping over for the visit, I'm so glad you're here!

Recently, I've been trying to tie up some loose ends on projects that have been in the pipeline for a while.  Do you remember when I took an old dresser and DIY'd it into our TV Media Console?  Well, there were those 3 top drawers that I removed:

I toyed around for a long time with ideas of what to do with those drawers, and got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest.  Deciding on a plan, I came up with this:

Y'all, all I did was:
1. Paint the drawer fronts with my DIY chalk paint
2. Paint the handles with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint
3. Cover the old BiCentennial drawer paper with contact paper found at Dollar Tree for $1
That was the easy part.  Finding small "feet" was not as easy, especially since I'm always trying to save a buck!  Hubs helped me cut 4 two-inch pieces from a large dowel.  We drilled pilot holes, then attached them with screws to the lower drawer (turned sideways). Yay!
I tried a couple of different ways of how the drawers would stack up, and my genius daughter gave me the idea of off-setting the drawers to add interest AND more shelf areas out on the sides.

When I was attaching the 3 drawers together, Hubs gave me a hand because I didn't want the screws to show, and there was only a small "lip" on the backs. We ended up drilling holes through those narrow lips, and then used small bolts and nuts to tighten it all down. Oh, and some wood glue in between the drawers, too!
It was fun styling these drawers-turned-shelves!  Since they are slim, and about 48-inches tall, they would fit into just about any room where you need storage: bathroom, baby nursery, or guest room.  What other ideas can you come up with?  As for this shelf unit, they will hopefully find a new home this weekend when I put them out in our neighborhood yard sale!

Next time, I'll be posting how I built a bench from pallets, that has a shelf for shoe storage!