Pallet Wood Shelves

Don't you just love FREE?  The other day, I made these 2 shelves for our living room for FREE!

We have some leftover wood that had was salvaged from some previous pallet projects, and I found some inspiration from the lovely Joan over at <---that's the link to her original post.
Her sister just used crosspieces and the top deckboards of a pallet to make her shelves. That’s right, just two pieces nailed together and screwed to the wall.  That was some inspiration! òòò

Source: Scavenger Chic
Hubs and I had saved one cross piece (with the cut-outs for forklifts) from a pallet we dismantled, and I also had a cool piece of deck board with a natural "live edge" on it.  I cut them both into two pieces, since I wanted 2 finished shelves about 24-inches long.

Next, I marked where I wanted to pre-drill and countersink holes for screws on both deck (now shelf) boards, and I went to work on that, on both shelf boards.

Then, I put the pieces at right angles along the back edges, and assembled them together!
I decided to use hardwood flat head plugs inserted into the screw holes, to give it a slightly more professional look. Just put a dab of wood glue in the holes, tap in the plugs, and allow to dry completely. Afterwards, I sanded down the plugs that were sticking up, using a rotary sander for quick work.  I did do a very light sanding to the boards, just to knock off a few splinters, but otherwise, they are in their "natural" state, no paint or stain for these cuties.

When I tried putting hangers on the back, I found that the D-style hangers (see photo below left) wouldn't work because they allowed the shelves to lean forward on the wall.  I switched to the sawtooth kind of hangers, and everything worked out. If this house were my own, and not a rental, I would have screwed them into walls directly, using wall anchors, so they would be extra-secure.

Don't forget to go check out Joan's blog Scavenger Chic for some inspirational projects!
It's made me very happy to have completed these cute shelves in about an hour (minus glue-drying time), and for FREE, too!   To use a Texas term, "Y'all gotta love free!"

In a couple of days, I'll be sharing my DIY pallet bench {and a quick desk makeover as a bonus!}.
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