Easy DIY Home Improvements - Part 1

Or, "How I spent my summer vacation"

This July, I was privileged to be in beautiful Colorado Springs for the birth of our newest grandchild (#5!), and It's A Boy!  In between holding, burping, and changing sweet little M, my daughter and son-in-love decided to do a little DIY to their home, and of course, I pitched in to help.

The first project came about 2-2/1 weeks after the baby was born, with my SIL saying, "I sure would like to tear up the carpeting in the dining room."  After discussing it with his wife, we took all the furniture out, cleaned the baseboards and walls, and pulled back the carpet to check the condition of the floor underneath.

We overlooked the dirt on the floor (everyone has this under their carpets), and the stained carpet, to see the stunningly beautiful hardwood floors that are in near-new condition!  It was like the heaven's opened! 
With kids and dogs, up until now there's been a lot of carpet shampooing going on in this room, but now it is so much easier for them to just sweep (or vacuum) and mop!
After pulling up the carpet and pad, all that this project required was pulling off the tack strip, staples and small nails. Mr Homeowner went the extra step and filled in every tiny hole and lightly sanded. As a final touch, he used a hardwood floor cleaner and restorative that he purchased at Lowe's.  The only thing left was a new threshold to cover the transitions from the kitchen vinyl floor to the hardwood, and the dining room hardwood to the living room carpet.  Total cost for this beautiful update: less than $75.00!
What a huge impact they got for a little cha-ching! And, if they choose to do so in the future, their entire upper floor has hardwood floors under carpeting, too!  Right now, with 2 little ones, they've opted to keep the carpet in the rest of the house (and keep their carpet shampooer in a handy place).

Next time, I'll be showing you what we did to their "downstairs dungeon" to turn it into a Family Room that everyone can enjoy!
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