Martha and Me: For the Love of Aqua

Martha Stewart. Some people either love her or can leave her. This post is not an endorsement for her, or for her product line, nor do I get any kind of anything from her company.
Martha doesn't know me, and I don't know Martha.
It's just for the love of AQUA.

Back in the mid-to late '80s and early '90s, as a young Air Force family with babies coming along, we lived very frugally.  I remember watching a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving TV special, where she hosted about 100 people with an elaborate but somewhat rustic-themed dinner, in her beautifully restored barn in Connecticut.
I was a dreamer, and her lavish country lifestyle intrigued me. I rented videos of her entertaining specials from the base library when they were available.

And then, Martha had her "fall from grace".  Many people judged her, and took a dislike towards her. I would say I remained somewhat impartial, and kept quiet; however I no longer sought her homemaking advice.  By 2006, Martha seemed to be back in "good graces" again, and her empire has expanded since then.

Which bring ME back to the late October 2013, Hubby and I sold our house in Idaho, packed our luggage, sent 16 boxes in the US mail, and got on a plane for Oahu, Hawaii.  We found an apartment, and "moved in"...but first we headed to the Navy Exchange to buy the essentials for living. A bed, chairs, food, and things to cook with were at the top of our list. Lo and behold, the Navy Exchange (NEX) had all of Martha Stewart's cooking line on Sale!  What attracted me to her product line was her current signature color...a pale aqua blue, which I have always loved, especially now, since we have a totally WHITE kitchen!

So, every time we went to the NEX, (which was almost daily at first) I found some new Martha item that my kitchen needed. Dish towels, spatulas, pots and pans, gadgets and gizmos. My darling Hubs surprised me by buying me a new KitchenAid Stand mixer in the "Martha Stewart Tiffany Blue Aqua Sky"!

So, today I got a HUGE compliment! My daughter Steff, her "Baby-Girl", and I were chatting on Skype, when my 3-1/2 year old granddaughter, KyBear woke up from her nap. (Auntie Steff watches KyBear when Mommy works.)  Ky was talking to me and said, "Grandma! I LIKE your kitchen!"  That, dear readers, was worth it all!