What a Journey! From Hawaii to Texas via Colorado

It's been a while since my last post, because we've been so busy moving! and moving again!

We left Hawaii on October 1st and visited family in Idaho for a few days, before packing a big rental truck with our belongings that had been in storage.  Hubs and I had gorgeous weather as we drove south to Colorado Springs (towing our car behind!), thinking the entire time that we would be settling there.

It was more than wonderful to be with our 2 daughters, son-in-love, and 2 granddaughters. We started looking for jobs and houses right away, and right from the start doors were being closed.  First of all, Hubs was applying for jobs, however not many companies were hiring in his field in that area. Then, when we started the process to get a pre-approval for a home loan, we learned that there were some roadblocks there, also! (Thankfully, they are fixable.)

On Saturday, November 1st, I heard Hubs on a phone interview.  At the end, he said, "Okay, we'll see you next week!"  He excitedly told me that he had a job!!  In Texas! What!?  I was a bit stunned, but needless to say, we had asked God to open doors where He wanted us, and He did!

So, the very next day seemed like a repeat episode from 3 weeks prior. We again packed up a big rental truck, hooked up a tow dolly on the back for our car, and headed south.
Our son, who lives just 2 hours from our new town with his wife and our 2 grandchildren, volunteered to come up and help us unpack the truck. By Friday, we had rented a house and moved right in! (A door OPEN!)  The house is just 4 minutes from Hubs' new job, is very comfortable for the two of us and we have a large living room and an extra bedroom for when guests visit. (Son & his family will be here for Christmas! Yay!)

Last week, I suddenly realized that I needed to stop decorating the house, and start DECKING the house for Christmas. My favorite time of the year! Is it yours, too?

Here are a few 2014 Christmas decor photos for you:

New city, new home, new tree, lots of ornaments
that we've had for years that bring back floods of happy memories!

Love having a fireplace mantle to decorate again!

I'm very excited about trying a new DIY project using tomato cages! Can you guess what they will be?

Soft Pumpkin Cookies

A number of years ago, when I was a newlywed and first met my Mother-in-Love, she made these delicious Pumpkin cookies and told me that they were my Hubs' favorite cookie.  Of course, I was immediately interested in obtaining the recipe, because isn't it said that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? 
1 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
1 cup canned pumpkin
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup raisins
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp allspice
1/2 cup pecans, chopped (or walnuts)

Heat oven to 350° F.  You will need a greased cookie sheet OR parchment paper lined cookie sheet.
Cream shortening & sugar together.  Add pumpkin, egg & vanilla; beat well.  Sift together dry ingredients.  Add to the creamed mixture & blend well.  Stir in nuts & raisins.
Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls, 2 inches apart, on greased cookie sheet.
Bake at 350° F for 12 to 15 minutes.
Cool on a wire rack.

Want to try a little variety?  Instead of the raisins, stir in 1 cup of chocolate chips, or white chocolate chips, or butterscotch chips!  

Gluten-Free? Just substitute Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 Gluten-Free Flour instead of the regular flour! 

High altitude? Cookies generally do well at high altitudes, however if you find you are having trouble, try the hints found here.

Transitioning Back to Mainland America

A year ago, Hubs and I were preparing to leave Idaho and move to Honolulu, Hawaii.  We sold, gave away, and donated many of our possessions, and sold our house.  The remaining household goods went into storage, and we mailed 16 boxes to ourselves, c/o General Delivery.  We were embarking on a new Journey, and we didn't know how long it would last. The answer is eleven months.

Again, we have sold many of the things that we obtained when we got here... the motorcycle, living room furniture and TV, mattress and frame, bedroom furniture, dining room table and chairs....As I write this, Hubs and I are sitting on the only 2 chairs we still own: our beach chairs!  We are eating our few remaining meals on paper plates with plastic forks and spoons.  It's like camping indoors!

God has blessed us abundantly while we have been here in Hawaii, but we realized a few months ago that being this far from our children and grandchildren was just too emotionally hard on all of us.  After we had flown to Colorado and Texas in May to visit everyone, it seemed like all Hubs and I talked about was wanting to live closer to them all.  At least within driving distance!

We began heartfelt, earnest prayers and asked God to lead, guide and direct us in making a decision if we should leave Hawaii, and where we should go.  Hubs even requested three times for a transfer to stay with the company that he works for, but they said he was needed here in Honolulu.  We petitioned close, trusted friends and family to help pray with us...Our Prayer Warrior Team! Love them all!

We felt God was releasing us from staying here, and when things at Hubs' work took some odd twists, we knew it was not worth staying any longer than we had to.  Again, we prayed, and started "crunching the numbers" to see how much it would cost us if we got our of our apartment lease early. After making our decision, I called the property manager and told her our plans...She had NO PROBLEM with us ending our lease a month early without paying a penalty!

So, here it is...just 1 week left on Oahu, and we will be flying back to Mainland America on October 1st!  There is an old hymn that says, "Count your blessings, name them one by one", so here is our list:

1. We've loved our Hawaiian Adventure! (We have great tans, too!) We don't regret being here.
2. Hubs has gained so much experience with his job here, and it will help him go far with the next company that hires him.
3. We are financially better off, drive a newer car, and have less debt, praise God!
4. We were able to sell everything we needed to, and for fair prices!
5. After we shipped our car last week, a kind friend offered us her van to drive, even though she was selling it. This saved us from having to rent a car for our last 15 days on the island!
6. The person who bought the van, not only allowed us to keep using it, but even volunteered to drive us to the airport on the day we fly out! Saves us the taxi fare!
7. A military wife will be cleaning our apartment (as part of our lease contract), which is saving us $350 over hiring a professional cleaning company.
8. We've checked many things off our "Hawaii Bucket List"!
9. We are staying at the beautiful Hale Koa (military resort) Hotel for our final 3 nights in Hawaii! It will be like an early anniversary vacation!
10. We learned today that the apartment has been rented and we should have all of our security deposit returned to us! Cha-Ching!  That will pay for our plane tickets and car shipping!
11. The folks that bought our motorcycle, also bought our bed, and allowed us to keep it until our last night in the apartment! My back is SO thankful for that!!
12. While Hubs is still employed, he has a great discount with FedEx, and we have been able to ship everything that we wanted to keep, at a much reduced cost! (Cheaper that the post office!)

There is an even dozen on that list, but Our Father has been blessing us in unexpected, smaller ways as well: free boxes and paper for sending our things off; half-off discounts on our Ocean Voyaging tour (here's where we went); an available room on short notice at the Hale Koa; and a company on the mainland has requested that Hubs send them his resume!  Whoo hoo!

One of the biggest blessings of all is something that I have not posted about publicly: In December, I went to our new primary care manager for a first-time visit. She discovered through a routine blood test that I have Type 2 Diabetes (it had gone undetected for at least 3 years prior, even though I was getting yearly blood tests). With a lot of determination, prayers, and dedication, I now have my blood glucose "within normal parameters", as well as my blood pressure down to normal for the first time in years!  Plus, I've been able to lose 40 pounds!  Needless to say, even if nothing else had came out of this Hawaiian Adventure, it was worth it to gain back my health!  I give God the praise for getting me the help I needed AND because we used the military clinics and hospital, we have had ZERO out-of-pocket expenses for all these months of appointments, classes, tests and medications.  (Thank you, Hubs for your 26 years of dedicated military service that allows us these benefits, even now that you are retired from the Air Force.)

It might be a while before I'm able to publish more posts, but I'll soon be back, giving you updates on where God has led us and how He has blessed us in finding new employment, a home, etc.  I'm anxious to get my hands into some DIY projects, and hopefully furniture transformations, as well.
This is a very exciting time, and I know to some of you it seems like we are nomads, moving from place to place so often.  Here is our life's scripture verse:
"I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for."  Jeremiah 29:11 (Msg)

Pumpkin Treats for Autumn

Here it is, the middle of September, and as Hubs and I prepare to return to Mainland America, my thoughts are turning to Autumn.
In Hawaii, we don't have the traditional signals that Autumn is arriving: no Autumnal leaves changing colors and falling; no cooler temperatures; and no bonfires. In fact, right now we've been having such warm temperatures and high humidity that the thought of baking a pie makes me turn on the air conditioner!
Here are 3 of my reader's top Pumpkin recipes... make one and think of me, sitting indoors with the air conditioner ringing in my ears, devoid of pumpkin delights. (For now, that is!)

Pumpkin Crunch (like pumpkin pie and cake, all in one dish!)

Pumpkin Muffins (only 2 or 3 ingredients needed!)

Pumpkin Brownies (simple, easy and lower-fat!)

Sweet T's Gardens

When I was visiting my sister, Sweet T, last month, I was in awe of what she had done with her yard and gardens.  It was never planned out, but rather evolved from Sweet T's ideas over time.  She and her hubs, Mr. B have gradually transformed a piece of ground that was full of cement, broken glass and rubbish into a little oasis of calm and serenity.

Let's take a leisurely stroll through Sweet T & Mr. B's gardens....

The front gardens boast fragrant flowers and bright blooms.
This is where we stopped for some sweet tea at the transformed Bistro set.

Every flower border is made using river rocks collected on camping trips over the past 20 years.

When strolling to the rear of the property, we find "a home for gnomes" nestled among the Irish moss. 

Elements are what capture the attention and give a place for you to
stop and enjoy the delightful discoveries in the garden.
The foot-shaped rocks in the pathway were originally collected by our Mom.
The small figurines of the angel and the "old folks" reminds us of the ones that are waiting in heaven for us. 

Lush, green grass allows the eye a resting place, and gives a sense of coolness, even on a warm summer day.
The old barrel hoops were from a wine barrel Mom had brought to Portland from Napa, California.

 Looking at these pictures reminds me of my wonderful sister, her relaxing and comfortable home
and gardens, and the memorable days we spent together.
I forgot to take a photo of the strawberry patch!  T makes the very best strawberry jam, too.
I miss Sweet T every day that we are apart, and I look forward to our next visit!

What did you think of the Garden Tour?
Does this design appeal to you?
As always, I would love to read your comments!

   Blessings, Juju

Sweet T's Bistro Set

Vacation is over, and I've brought home such sweet memories, and even several post ideas that I hope my readers will enjoy.
My sister, "Sweet T", is one of the first women I've known to reuse, repurpose, and upcycle everyday objects into one of a kind useful items, bringing them back to life, and giving them new beauty at the same time.
This sweet little metal bistro table and chairs was originally purchased second-hand by our mom back in the mid-80s. (Mom called it her "ice cream parlor" set.)

The "Ice Cream Parlor" set in the store window, when Mom first saw it.
Over the years, it was used indoors, outdoors and as a prop for a church play a time or two. It was white, then gold, then chippy and a bit rusty.  

I think this was supposed to be a globe, made from chicken wire.
When T inherited it, she painted it black and it has been lovingly cared for. When the welds would break, a friend would repair them, but the welding material would build up and make sitting uncomfortable.
Sweet T loves "thrifting" and had purchased some natural jute rope a while back, not knowing exactly where she'd use it. She worked out the the final look of the table in her mind, then set out performing the tedious task of wrapping the rope around each chair seat to cover the welds. She then wrapped the table top to match, and the finished look is nothing short of designer!  Burlap, macram√© and all things natural-looking are "in", aren't they? Well, here is the bistro set that I now covet, haha!

This project is not for an impatient person, and it took her three days to complete the chairs alone. It's a labor of love, and when Sweet T and I sat down to enjoy a glass of her famous sweet tea, it made the moment even sweeter to enjoy it at this sweet bistro set.

As a bonus, here's a picture of a regular, old plastic chair that she also saved from going into the dumpster. Creatively salvaged into a work of art, its even sturdier and more comfortable, and everyone races to sit in it!
It's gone from "ready for the garbage"
to the most requested, comfy chair in the yard!
My Beautiful Sis, Sweet T
{ I'm lonely for you already! }

Mom's Potato Salad - {Small Batch}

Yesterday, I made a small batch of Mom's Potato Salad, just for Hubs and I.  Of course, there's still some for leftovers, since it actually gets better as the flavors meld and marry.  Yummm!

This is one of the recipes that I'm asked for quite often.  It's called "Mom's" since she taught me the basic recipe.  Mom and I differed on putting onions in, and about how much mustard was correct.  I also added the black olives and red pimentos for extra flavor and color.  This is the side dish that my family and friends really seem to love!

Number of Servings: 6  {Each serving is a generous 1/2 cup.}

4-5 baseball-sized Potatoes, raw
4 Large Eggs {in shell}
1/2 Cup Real Mayonnaise
1 Tablespoon Yellow Mustard
1/4 cup chopped Dill Pickles
3.8 oz can sliced Black Olives
2 heaping Tablespoons Pimentos, diced or sliced

1. Peel & cube potatoes. Boil in water until soft, but not mushy. Drain well, and cool.
2. Place eggs in a large saucepan and cover with cold water. (TIP: pierce the large end of the egg first, this helps prevent the shell cracking.) Bring to a boil; boil 2 minutes. Shut off the heat and let them sit for 15 minutes. Pour off the hot water and add very cold {ice} water and let the eggs cool. After the eggs are cooled, crack & peel the shells, and rinse the hard boiled eggs. Cut eggs into medium-sized chunks and set aside.
3. While potatoes and eggs are cooking, place remaining ingredients together in a large bowl, and mix. Keep chilled. After the potatoes and eggs are cooked and cooled, add them to the mixture, and fold gently.
Chill about an hour {or overnight} and enjoy!

If you feel that the mixture is too thick, add a tablespoon of pickle juice or vinegar. Mom loved it with a splash of vinegar on hers! And of course, green onions and extra mustard. To each their own!

Be sure to let me know in the comments section below how you like this recipe.  Did you add your own flair by tossing in some diced ham or bacon bits? Or maybe peas or diced cheddar cheese?  The possibilities are all up to you!

Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

Forgotten fruit.  Have you ever brought home fruit and then forgotten to eat it?  Yeah me, too.  Right now I have 3 bananas in my freezer because they became too ripe to eat. {I see banana bread in my future!}
A few days ago, there was a watermelon just sitting unnoticed in the back of our fridge...and then it became the star in a creamy and refreshing 3-ingredient drink!


1 personal-sized watermelon {you'll need only 1/2}
1 cup unsweetened, frozen strawberries
1 cup vanilla ice cream {I used the no-sugar added kind}


Cut up 1/2 of the watermelon, remove the rind and cut into large chunks.
Remove any black seeds that you can see.
Using a blender, puree the watermelon.
{At this point I like to remove that little clear top on the blender lid for the next step.}
Add one frozen strawberry at a time through the hole in the lid, and wait until each berry is pureed.
Now add the vanilla ice cream. It just takes a few seconds to blend it all in.

Pour into glasses and enjoy.  {If you have extra, you can put it in the freezer, but don't freeze it solid. It actually becomes sweeter once it's kind of "icy". Yum! You can eat it with a spoon!}

This made 6 cups (about 2 cups per serving) and on the plus side, it's got healthy, natural fiber and there was no need to add any kind of sweetener.  What a great summertime smoothie!

So you see, sometimes you can come up with a really great new recipe from "forgotten" foods....  I think it might be time to look up Mom's Best Banana Bread recipe!

My readers are important to me, and I love to know how you like this creamy smoothie, so please leave me a comment below!

 Blessings, Juju

Tiny Table gets a Chalk Paint & Stain Makeover

A few days ago, Hubs and I happened to be driving past the Thrift Shop on Hickam Air Force Base, here on Oahu.  Since it's only open a few days a week, I casually asked if we could stop in. He said Yes!
Whoo Hoo! {This rarely happens without a lot of heavy sighs on his part.}

We found a few little treasures that day, including this sturdy, tiny table:
Hubs actually was the one that suggested we get a little table to use for our Dyson tabletop fan. We are constantly shuffling things on and off of the wooden tray we currently use for the fan, and it's a hassle.
{My secret plan was to give it a little makeover first!}

Step 1:  Sanding.

{I should have taken a "before" picture, however the photo above shows step 1 completed.}  I sanded down the top...first using medium grit sandpaper in our palm sander, and then using very fine sandpaper, until it was silky smooth...I needed to take this area down to bare wood for the stain to adhere.  The legs were lightly sanded by Hubs, since I read that when using chalk paint, it wouldn't require sanding or priming.  We wiped down all the dust from the entire table before moving on.

Step 2: Staining.

Using Minwax Wood Finish in Provincial, I applied the first of 2 coats using a cheap foam brush, following the directions on the can and website, and allowing at least 4-6 hours drying time between coats.  {I actually waited a full day.} Once you've brushed on the stain, you wait 5-15 minutes and then wipe off the excess stain with a clean, lint free rag. I used a clean, old white sheet that I cut up into cloths.
The directions said "do not sand between coats of stain", however, I noticed that the edges didn't absorb the stain evenly {probably due to the old lacquer on the wood}, so I re-sanded the edges with medium grit sandpaper and gave a light sanding with the very fine sandpaper to the top, just for good measure.  After wiping it thoroughly, I applied the second coat of stain, waited 15 minutes and wiped off the excess. The top is exactly the rich, dark color I was hoping for!

Step 3: Mixing the DIY Chalk Paint.

I've really been wanting to try out CeCe Caldwell's Paints, however, I was also intrigued about all the Pins I'd seen about DIY chalk paint.  I did a bit of research, reading blogs of others who had experimented with the various "recipes" out there, and I chose to make the Plaster of Paris version I found here.
{Thanks to Sharon at Elizabeth & Co. for the recipe and also for answering some of my questions regarding how many coats, etc.}  The color I mixed has no name, since I just dumped in about 4 colors of paint that I had on hand that I wanted to use! If you want a close match, try Embellished Blue by Behr {Home Depot}.

Step 4: Applying 2 Coats of DIY Chalk Paint.

Up to this point, everything had been going pretty smoothly.  Since I live in Hawaii, I kept watching for rain showers {humidity will change the way paint goes on and how it dries}, and all was good.  But, then wouldn't you know that as soon as I started applying the paint, the wind picked up, making the paint begin to dry RAPIDLY! {I moved it quickly indoors as soon as I had the paint applied, but kept the patio door and windows open for ventilation.}
The first coat was applied using an inexpensive bristle brush, and yes, it left brush marks. I wasn't too worried about that, since I kind of figured it would need 2 coats anyway.  I might suggest trying a foam roller to get a smoother look.

After it had dried for about 4 hours, I applied the second coat with a cheap foam brush, moved it back indoors to the well-ventilated area, and then waited until morning to check the results.

Step 5: Finishing.

Deciding not to heavily distress the finish, I checked out the amount of brush streaks, and did a very light sanding on the painted parts, with 220 very fine grit sandpaper. I was only looking to smooth things down just a bit, not remove a lot of the chalk paint. Afterward, I carefully wiped down all of the dust on the entire table.
Next, I took another piece of the clean, ripped up sheet, and applied a thin layer of Minwax Paste Finishing Wax in Natural, starting with the top. {It says it's for light woods, but it's the only paste wax I could find at our nearby Home Depot.}
After allowing it to dry for 10-15 minutes, I buffed the top by hand to a nice sheen.

The Reveal!

I liked working on this project because it gave me the chance to try out DIY Chalk Paint, and to really change the personality of this tiny table.  I'm so pleased with the results!
{The "Aloha Y'all" sign was made by Robin at Creative Moonlighting.}

How about you?  What project have you tried chalk paint on? Did you use the DIY recipe, or purchase pre-made chalk paint?
Or maybe you've been inspired to tackle a project on your own?  Please let me know in the comments section below!

   Blessings, Juju

Cooking for Two {Again} Part 2: Simple Recipes

As promised!  Here are some of the recipes that I use often when cooking for just me and the Hubs.
All of the recipes are simple to cook, and generally use simple ingredients.  I like simple. And easy.

Just click on the graphic below 
 to open the PDF file:

Don't forget to go to the Recipes tab at the top of the page to get even more yummy recipes!
My Aunt Letha's Creeping Crust Cobbler is a wonderful way to use juicy summer peaches.  Or try Mom's Potato Salad for your 4th of July Barbeque!  Uh, oh...now I'm hungry.

**Just to be honest, many of the recipes are not my originals, they are modified in most cases, and I've used them for so many years, I may have forgotten the original source. In addition, most of the photos are not my own, I grabbed them off Google.  If you see a photo that belongs to you, and you wish for me to remove it, just email me and I'd be glad to!

 Blessings, Juju

Cooking for Two { Part 1 }

"How I'm Re-Learning to Shop, Store and Cook for Just Us Two" { long sub-heading, I know ! }

Having been a wife, mom, and homemaker for nearly 32 years, I've had to adjust along the way to go from shopping and cooking for 2, then up to 5 when all of our kids were still at home. When I was a working mom, I loved having leftovers { also known as "LOs" } in the freezer ready for times when I was too tired to cook after work!   However, when we became "empty nesters", I seemed to have forgotten how to only cook for just the two of us.  We'd end up having leftovers until we were sick of them!

With our re-energized efforts to eat more healthy foods, and cut our portion sizes down, it has also affected our shopping and storing of the food we purchase. Here's a few tips & tricks I'm re-learning:

1. Shop once a week, and don't purchase in bulk or stockpile food items, to avoid waste. Don't waste money on pre-packaged smaller sizes, just get ziplock-style baggies for storage and freezing.
2. All dry goods are stored in Rubbermaid containers. { Especially in a tropical climate where bugs can invade food staples.  I also did this in our previous homes in Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, etc. for the same reasons. }

3. Flour, Bisquick, Pancake Mix, and Bread crumbs are now stored in the freezer, in airtight containers. (Butter is also stored in the freezer.) The flour, etc. does not freeze, so it's still ready to use. Again, this is to preserve it  longer, and to avoid bug infestation. { I didn't have to do this in other climates. }
4. Re-package meats into single-meal sized packages before freezing, to avoid having too many leftovers.
1/2 pound or 1 pound packages of ground beef - press flat for easier freezer storage
2 individual portions of Canadian Bacon or Bratwurst per baggie -
place those inside another baggie with instructions & nutrition label
5. Cut down recipes into 2-serving sizes, or 4-serving sizes. Online calculators can sometimes help!
6. If making a larger batch of a recipe, immediately freeze the extras into 2-serving size portions, labeled with the date.

Obviously, you can see where I'm headed here: buy less, package into smaller portions, and modify your recipes for 2 to 4 serving sizes. So far, so good... re-learning is not that hard, is it?

Next time: Cooking for Two {Again} Part 2: Simple Recipes

Until then ~

   Blessings, Juju

No-Rust Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

Yeah, that's kind of a long title, but it's what works...Just like this great soap dispenser that Hubs and I made!  And truth be told, I just explained it to Hubs and he did the only real work involved.

It's really all about the lid here, people:

Supplies needed:
*Mainstays (Walmart Brand) Regular Mouth Canning Jar Lid OR Ball brand Plastic Storage Caps (saw them at Target)
(they're plastic, and won't rust!)
*An Empty foaming soap dispenser (this one is from Bath & Body Works)
*Fine point Sharpie Marker (waterproof works best)
*A Pint-Sized Regular Mouth Mason Jar (that's a 2-cup capacity)
*A REALLY sharp knife (OR a hole cutting bit & a drill)
*Finally, a Hubs like mine that will handle the really scarey, really sharp knife for you, if you are a huge klutz like me, and will likely end up in the emergency room bleeding all over their nice tiled floors!
*Unscrew the pump off of the soap dispenser.
*Use the top of the empty bottle to draw a hole in the underside of the lid.
**Now is the part where the hole cutting bit and drill would have come in handy, but if you have a Hubs handy and he's better at handling sharp things than you are, then you can go with that.
*Hubs took his really sharp knife and cut an X in the center of that circle I drew in the lid.
*Then he carefully, and without injury, cut each quartered section out, following the line.
*See that line I drew around the collar of the bottle? You (and by you , I mean the person least likely to slash their hand open) will need to cut that part off. Hubs used his knife, since it was already in his hand, but an Exacto knife would have worked well, too.
*The top of the bottle that you just cut off needs to fit snugly from the bottom of the lid, extending out the top of the lid. Hard to say, and I don't have a photo! Arg, I think I'll have to take one to show you....

Well, I took 2 photos for ya...I hope you enjoy them. Yes, I had way too much fun with those arrows!
*With the collar inside the lid as shown above, take the pump and screw it back on to the collar...it will snug up as you tighten the pump, but you might have to hold on to that lip on the bottom as you tighten.
Ta Da!!  All you have to do is dump some liquid soap into your little blue Mason jar and screw your new NO-RUST lid into place!
**UPDATE!  Hubs and I purchased a 1-1/2" hole-cutting bit for his drill, and tried it out. He actually taught ME how to do the drilling (use a scrap piece of wood under the lid, that's very important so you don't end up with a hole on your cute little wooden TV tray...).  It cut the hole perfectly, and I was done in 10 seconds flat! Whoo Hoo! Now, I'm buying more Bath & Body Works containers, and making these lids up to send to my Mason-Jar Lovin' daughters!

*Oh, and about that jar with the handle...Nope, it's not lemonade in it.  I actually decided I wanted a clear jar for the kitchen, so I grabbed one of our Mason Jar drinking glasses from the cupboard. The lid fit perfectly, of course...And the liquid soap is something I just whipped up:
>>You will need Dr. Bronner's Liquid Pure Castle Soap (I got the Citrus-Orange at Target) and water.
>>Two ounces of liquid soap Plus 10 ounces of water = Done!
{ONLY use a foaming pump with this soap, otherwise it will squirt sideways if you use a regular pump!}

So, what do you think? Are you brave enough to handle the scarey knife, or know someone who is?  (Or are you smart enough to run down to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy the hole cutting bit for your drill?)  This project only took about 15 minutes for Hubs to cut the hole, and I'm enjoying having a fresh-citrus-y smelling soap in the kitchen!  If you tackle this project, I'd love to hear about it!

Inspired by: Pretty Handy Girl

  Blessings,  Juju