Our Hawaiian Journey Begins!

All photos © jwj
The Hubs and I are on our way to the island of Oahu, in beautiful Hawaii...but not just for a vacation this time!  He will be working for an airline at Honolulu International Airport...we get to LIVE in PARADISE!
Okay, don't hate! I know all of you want to be put into my luggage so you can enjoy this...so, the best I can do for you is to take you there in photos and words.

The house in Idaho is sold, and we made the decision to put the majority of our household goods into storage. We sold a lot of larger items on craigslist.com, and donated many, many items to a local charity thrift shop; we also gave several items of furniture, lamps and a microwave to a family that lost everything in a house fire. A total of sixteen boxes are taking the slow boat to Oahu via the US mail. (And believe it or not, it was not as expensive as we first budgeted for!)

So, this journey that we are on...it's not just about living in paradise...that's only a perk. It's about living the life God has given us. We believe that He has directed our path to move to Hawaii.
We are not rich or wealthy...living in Hawaii will be a lesson in strict budgeting!

Things that make me smile about this move:

- Our favorite place, Bellows Air Force Station is there!! Many of the photos in the collage above were taken there.  The white, fine sand beaches, the gentle waves, and the relaxing "resort" feel are calling our names!  We have reservations for 4 nights when we arrive, so that'll be our "home base" while looking for housing.
- Thankfully, the Hubs military retirement pay supplements our income. Thank you, Sweetheart for serving our country for 26 years!
- There are LOTS of military bases for us to use our military benefits: to purchase food, gas, furniture, and other household goods for less money and tax-free.
- We've lived on Oahu for 5 months previously, so we kinda know our way around the island.
-The adventure of it all! Although we moved around with the military, this is our first "off the mainland" move all by ourselves. It's been kind of fun looking at apartments and other housing on craigslist.com.

Things that will be a BIG adjustment for us:

- Housing: Monthly rent will be nearly double of what our mortgage in Idaho was.
- Living space will be about HALF the size we've had. (roughly 800-900 square feet for an apartment)
- Utilities are much higher.  We need to learn to shut the electronics off when they are not being used!
- Food, and gasoline are MUCH higher...can you say $8.00 for a box of cereal, and $4.00+ for a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas for the car?

What I'm personally looking forward to:
After having a "full house" of 3 adults, one little girl, and one dog, I think I'm looking forward to some quieter times. Helping our oldest daughter raise her daughter for 2-1/2 years was a blessing! Now, it's time for mom and dad to have some alone time, and learn to be empty-nesters.And of course, there's the beach!
Aloha and...

Forwarding Mail...without a New Home

Mail!  What do you do when you are moving to a new state and your mail needs to go with you?
Since we are not yet physically "on-island", we were starting to wonder about where to have our mail forwarded to. A search online at: www.usps.com, and a couple of phone calls later, I had found the solution!

The US Postal Service now has "PO Boxes Online" where you can apply for a Post Office Box, before you arrive.  We are currently in the process of getting our PO Box for Hawaii, while we are still in Idaho.

After filling out the online information, and printing out the application form 1093, we'll now take it to our local (Idaho) post office, along with 2 forms of identification.
To get a PO Box number and pick up our keys, we’ll each need to show one picture ID and one other form of ID, at the post office where our box is located in Hawaii. The ID must be current, contain sufficient information to confirm that we are who we claim to be, and be traceable to us. (Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are not acceptable IDs.) The Post Office will accept a…
  • Valid driver's license or state ID card.
  • Military, government, university, or recognized corporate ID.
  • Passport, alien registration card, or certificate of naturalization.
  • Current lease, mortgage, or deed of trust.
  • Voter or vehicle registration card.
  • Home or vehicle insurance policy

- Unfortunately, this was not "the solution" for us. I still think it's a great way to get a post office box, but you are only "reserving" it, and won't be able to obtain an actual box number (address) or (of course) the keys, until you actually go in to the post office where the box is located.  IF YOU ARE MILITARY MOVING OVERSEAS, YOUR SQUADRON OR UNIT {SPONSOR} WILL DO THIS FOR YOU! YAY!

- We mailed our 16 boxes to "General Delivery" to the post office nearest to Hubs work, and they all arrived safely! Two minor (plastic) items were broken, and everything else survived the boat trip (Standard Post, which was the least expensive rate!) very nicely.  We only mailed 2 of those boxes in the Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, since they were filled with VERY heavy tools that my Hubs needs for work, and they were here when we arrived! It took only 2 weeks for the others to get here, instead of the predicted 4 to 6 weeks. We were SO blessed by Father God!