ReStore Revival: Potting Bench

The Hubs and I went up to ReStore today, and by "thinking outside of the box" and making a few clever purchases,
we were able to make a potting bench for Twelve bucks!
ReStore Revival: Potting Bench

Hubs helped me out on this one, since
I'm not very familiar with his power tools.
ReStore treasures:
Cabinet: $10.- Board & 2X4 Frame: $1.50
Check out this funky flower-a-delic
contact paper interior! 
Hubs trimmed off the sides of the board
with his circular saw, a tool I have not yet
worked up the courage to use alone.
Then, after some measuring, together we
drilled some pilot holes and drove some
long wood screws to attach the frame
to the top and to the cabinet.
We attached some large cup hooks around
the frame to hang the small tools on.
I removed most of the 70's contact paper
(it was on every interior surface).
I kind of like the way it revealed the
black paint and raw wood underneath.
Yay! I transplanted these brave little
Pansy flowers (from the cracks they
were growing in) into this hanging bowl.
I love my new Potting Bench!

Blessings ~ Juju

5 Pinteresting Fast~Fixes

This weekend we are finally having some really nice, sunny weather and we want to be outside enjoying it!  I didn't want to devote a lot of time to starting a new craft that I might get caught up with, but I found a few minutes to get these done:  
My Pinteresting Fast-Fixes:
And they are all cheap or free!
Ribbon Holders

2 Baskets from The Dollar Store: $2.00
2 Dowells from Walmart: $2.00 

1. Cut dowels to 12 inches long.

2. Slide one end of dowel through hole in basket; slide on the spools of ribbon; slide the other end into the opposite side of the basket.
Under Sink Organizer

Six-pocket organizer from The Dollar Tree: $1.00
2 Cup hooks (I had these on hand)

This is easy-peasy...
no explanation needed!
Under Sink Clean-Up

We had these peel-n-stick vinyl tiles left over from our bathroom floor makeover.  I spent about 15 minutes on my knees and I'm so happy 'cause it looks and feels so clean & neat now.
Maybe I won't be afraid to reach under the sink anymore!

                             Dinner Ideas Basket
Folding boxes from The Dollar Store: $1.00 each
Unlined Index Cards I had on hand

If I've had a bad day and forgotten to thaw something out, or just can't come up with a dinner idea, this is my new "Go-To" !

Vinyl Roll Sleeves 
Again, this was easy-peasy! And yep, it was FREE!

I used the cardboard insert from some wrapping paper,
cut it into 6-inch lengths, then slit it on one side.
They "clip" onto the rolls of vinyl to keep them neat!

Now I have time to enjoy the weekend!
Blessings ~ Juju

Summer Beachy Mantle Decor

At one end of our bedroom is a wood-burning fireplace…So Romantic!  However, with the brick color, it tends to look a bit “cave-like” down there.  I saw a beachy themed mantle from decorchick
that inspired me to bring some brightness to our mantle.
The Before!

The Wreath!

The Color!
My favorite color from childhood has come back into fashion...Aqua!
When I was at ReStore last week, I found these turquoise-colored shutters, and realized that I had my color inspiration...
but they needed to be toned-down a bit.
After The Hubs cut them to size (they are molded vinyl, not real wood!), I applied 2 very light coats of white paint. I used a dry-brush technique, so that the "wood grain" would show through, and look weathered.
(Cost: $4.00 for 2 shutters)
Mixing equal parts of 2 colors of acrylic paint (Apple Barrel "Key West" & "Laguna"), I  got this dreamy shade of blue for the little signs.
(Cost: $1.06 for paint & .30¢ for 2 boards)
Cricut vinyl lettering (had the vinyl on hand)
The Jar! 
Thank God for Goodwill! 
I found this OLD Aqua-Colored "Atlas E-Z Seal"
mason-style jar for just $2.99!
Filled with shells and wrapped with some netting,
ied up with twine and they look mighty fine!
Cost for the shells & netting: Zero!
(We've collected the shells for years, and the netting was the packaging for the spheres.)
The Spheres and Box!
The costliest part of this project were these spheres from Michael's. Originally $14.99 for a bag, they were mis-placed in a bin that said .99¢.
The store manager saw how disappointed I was when it rang up at full price,
and gave me 40% off=$8.99
The adorable wooden box with the rope handles
was found at a thrift shop=$2.99
The Little Jars!
When I was sorting through the 30 years worth of seashells, rocks, etc. that we have collected during our marriage, I found my sea glass 
and put them in this little spice jar that I've also had for about 30 years.  
The little pale aqua bottle came from the thrift shop. Cost: .59¢
The Driftwood Frame!
The Hubs and I went for a drive today, along the shores of
Lake Coeur d'Alene 
and we stopped to pick up some driftwood for crafts. 
I came home and hot glued & tied them together for a frame. Cost: FREE!
My Favorite Thing!
Do you see this GORGEOUS stemmed candle holder? I fell in LOVE with it at Michael's the other day but, because of my tight budget,
I almost walked away from it.
I mean, I just KNEW it had to be pricey. And then the heaven's opened
when I saw a miraculous sign (no, I mean a real sign) that said 60% off!!! Cost: $4.39
And since it's filled with shells that my Love and I have gathered on beaches all over the world, it's filled with happy memories of our Journeys.

Be Blessed~ Juju

Father's Day 2 X 4 Gift

The Hubs and I are on a tight budget to save for our Anniversary/ Christmas celebration in Hawaii with our wonderful son, daughter-in-love and precious grandson.  So, when looking for something to give to my awesome Hubs for Father's Day, I turned to a project that I saw on Pinterest.

– We Love Grandpa!
2 pieces 2-by-4 lumber, 12 inches each (free)
1 pkg of 4 Magnetic Clip (from the dollar bins at Target, just $1)
2 complimenting pieces of scrapbooking paper (had on hand)
Mod Podge (I used my Semi-Homemade) (had on hand)
small sponge brush, sandpaper, & twine (had on hand)
vinyl letters & photos (had on hand)
Cut out 2 pieces of scrapbook paper
Use Mod Podge to adhere to wood
Allow to dry at least 1/2 hour
Sand the edges around the paper, if you desire
Using my Cricut machine, I cut out
the letters, heart and stars.
 I attached the 2-by-4 pieces together and the 
clips on the top board using wood glue.
The final step was tying some twine bows to each clip
and attaching the photos!
Oh, and here's another almost free gift for Hubs:
(I bought the trophy at a thrift store for $1.00, and printed out a new nameplate)
You mean the world to us
"Sportster Guy"!

Kitchen Measuring Organizer

Here is my latest crafting attempt to organize and update our home:

This is the original idea from
The Family Handyman
Here is the idea I saw on Pinterest
from Infarrantly Creative
I actually LOVE both ideas, and I knew I could do it very inexpensively. Turns out, since I had almost all of the supplies on hand, it was practically free!

The Hubs was on his way to Home Depot, and I asked him to kindly ask the paint folks for 2 five-gallon paint stir sticks, since I forgot to get them the last time I bought paint. They graciously obliged. (FREE)

I cut off the ends to make 2 straight pieces that are about 17-1/2 inches long. They will fit the area on the inside of our cabinet doors perfectly.

Oh, and those are the hooks I use later...I used 16 of them, cost: .68¢.
Next, I put on a quick swipe of paint from some that I had left over from 

painting the living room lamp tables. (basically FREE since I used so little) 

After carefully laying out the measuring cups and marking with a pencil where the cup hooks would need to be placed, I used a small nail to make a dent, and then twisted the hooks into the wood.
I also marked the placement of where the screws will go through the ends of the sticks and into the cabinet door.  
To my surprise, the hooks went through the sticks and protruded out the back! Yikes! The original tutorial didn't say anything about this!
Then, I realized by looking at the photos, that my cabinets are flat on the inside, and don't have the frame around the outside edges.
This is how I solved that problem:
It was easy to cut off 4 pieces from the scrap ends that I had cut off of the sticks. By using wood glue to attach them to the ends of the sticks, it created just enough clearance for the ends of the cup hooks! Whew! Problem solved.
(2 other options were: to use a Dremmel tool and 
cut off the excess, or go buy smaller 5/8" cup hooks.)

Being a "novice" with my Cricut machine, I was unable to produce the vinyl lettering that Infarrantly Creative used, so I decided to see what it would look like by using my Brother P-Touch label maker. It did the job.

Next, I raided The Hubs' stash of hardware for 4 wood screws that will go all the way through the double-thickness of the sticks and into the cabinet door.  
(Just make sure you don't choose any that are TOO LONG and go through your cabinet door!!)

Once everything was ready, The Hubs helped me to mount the Kitchen Measuring Organizers onto the back of the cabinet doors.

One final touch from Infarrantly Creative that I re-created was the Measurement Conversion Chart.
I simply made it up as an Excel Document and printed it out!
We discovered that the metal cups and spoons are CRAZY NOISY when you open and close the cupboard doors! Use plastic, or don't put them inside the doors. 
I ended up putting mine on boards with magnets on the back and put them on the SIDE of the fridge. No noise! And it looks so cute.

Blessings ~ Juju

EASY Celtic Knot Baby Headbands

My daughter saw this on Pinterest, however we modified it using headbands we found at Target.

To make 3 headbands:
  • 3 colored and 4 black headbands
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • scissors
Step 1
Cut each headband in half, and cut a 1-inch piece off of the extra black headband

Step 2:
Step 3

Step 4

Step 5
On the left, pull up a small loop of black through the pink loop (but don't pull it out)
Slip the right black side through the loop as shown

Step 6
Pull knot gently to desired look

Step 7
Glue each colored end together

Step 8
Be careful not to touch the hot glue with your fingers

Step 9
Glue the colored ends and the black ends together to form the band
Slide the 1-inchpiece over the glued area, and put some glue under it.
This will hide the glued seams. Allow to dry for a few minutes.

Finished headband!
(our model is KyBear, my granddaughter!)